Thursday, 28 July 2016

When Cars Strike Back!


Update: story here, was in Sheffield.


  1. I enjoyed that several times over at M's shop. It brought to mind a conversation I had many, many moons ago with a Turk. He was telling me that all the Kurds who turned up, got imported, had 40,000 quid handed to them to open a shop in Hornsey. I have never, nor any of my family, ever down through the generations had shed loads of cash thrown at us or have we owned slaves. All the khaants that turn up here have.

    1. Hehe. So not of all of our nonwhite Victim Class are vitcims, that almost sounds bigoted, that's not Who We Are*.

      * I'm in full prog "my post-Ramadan breakfast granola has been twerked on by a Rabbi's obese feminist daughter" mode, been watching the DNC speeches to see how Goebbels' Gobshite Towers were managing to ignore the booing throughout. Hope you saw the General's address, it was post-ironic comedy gold. Reminded me of that scene from Mars Attacks tbh.

    2. I was over a penny's shop looking at that military genius telling us that the Kookkkurks banged a load of "allies" in the clink. Duh!! That is why the German PAC3 units got out of town in Jan. Shithead!!

      And the film that comes to mind when I see current US flag officers is Starship roofers 3, revenge of the useless. Who the phekk got the contract to make them look like Verhoeven fails? BWAHAHAHHAAA