Friday, 29 July 2016

Energy After Oil - Keiser Report Summer Solutions


Never mind the cuckface.

Relevant to this issue:

1. Peak Oil - it's a myth, there is no imminent shortage of oil in the world. See video.

2. Oil Wars - the purpose of destabilising oil-producing countries wasn't to control the oil for 'American' (or any other) interests, rather it was and is to reduce the overall amount of oil production thereby driving up the price. This benefited the Saudis (and Russia, whoops - globalist Fail), who were not attacked as their rivals were, and London markets.

3. Suppression of alternatives to oil - the Spanish government taxed solar power heavily. Why? Perhaps independence from the Grid scares the oligarchs a little. Not to mention the technologies being held onto by the US deep state and others. Putin should just release all the antigravity stuff to the public, for a laugh.

4. Why does it have to be a collectivist future? I can understand these arguments when it comes to the issue of robots automatising jobs and putting people out of work, but solar power of all things is a decentralised technology, like digging for water on your own land. Should water under your house be taxed, should the sun above your house be taxed, or seized for the Greater Good? Surely not!

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