Monday, 27 June 2016

Links 27 Jun '16

The New Censorship   

Twitter uses bots to suppress pro-Trump content   

Here’s Why Hillary Won’t Allow Her Corporate Speeches to Be Published

Clinton: Illegal immigrants keep U.S. 'younger and fresher' (but don't encourage your own people to reproduce to make your country younger and fresher, you have to import others)

Oil and gas industry dumping toxic fracking waste into public water treatment

The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

Shooting at cinema in Germany, no one killed except perpetrator, who was "definitely not Islamist"
German police have history of covering up identity and motives of criminals

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape—Should You, Too? (I have, since 2010)

(((Moscovici))) lol. article below.
Merkel: other countries must be stopped from leaving. Halt!
Could Brexit burst the property bubble in London?
Journalist wishes referendum had happened just a few years later ('if only old white ppl would just die')
Black man: 'I Was Called Racist For Handing Out Leave Leaflets'
Smug Canadian leftist says if only Britain was more 'diverse', vote would be different
Rotherham voted 68-32 to leave
"That's it...I'm moving to Israel"

Blowback: pro-'refugee' activist attacked in Germany

"Muslims are not violent, so shut up or we'll kill you"

Women are subject to completely different laws to men

Is this not abuse? Lesbian ‘Gender Non-Conforming’ Couple Tries to Force Son to Have ‘Queer’ Gender Relationship

Gender equity can cause sex differences to grow bigger

Anti-fat shaming video for JC Penney. Prepare to barf

Youtube delete critical comments on lgbt video

Professors investigated for presenting opposing viewpoints

Christmas vacations and telling a woman “I love your shoes!” are “microagressions

Creator of Dilbert: Why Gun Control Can’t Be Solved in the USA

(((Reporter’s))) Attempt to Purchase Assault Weapon: Denied

Drone Photography Reveals How Apartheid Shaped South African Cities

It was OK for Sarah Silverman to say her people killed Jesus and she would do it again, but this is Horriffic!

Keep this in mind the next time someone says 'Judeo-Christian Values'

Anti-Trump troublemaker expresses disdain for her 'white allies'

Violence against Hispanics in New York

Bernie supporters lol

The "but it's not Real Socialism" line

Irish fans sing lullabies to French baby on Bordeaux train

Anti-Fascist Fascists Attack Protest; Get Stabbed

MEDIA SAYS: 'clashes', 'violence broke out' 

REALITY: hundreds of violent left wing thugs shut down <40 man nationalist demonstration. Police stand and watch. NO leftists arrested!

You know when they say that 'violence happened', but don't say who started it, the inconvenient fact is the left/globalists did. If it had been the other way around the identity of the perpetrators would be the headline.

Clash at California capitol leaves at least 10 injured

"I despise hate and intolerance, it shouldn't be allowed, can me and my gang of 10 including undercover cops educate you on tolerance Mr Ciswhite Scum?"
What is unusual here is, oh noez, they hit back. Evil people, you can't hurt the sacred precious left-internationalist who is attacking you!!

It's hypocritical how Breitbart calls this group 'neo Nazi', while at the same time admitting no identified Nazis actually attended. For comparison, Communists regularly attend anti-war demonstrations. Do we call these, 'Communist protests'? No. Because that would be silly and distract from the purpose of the demonstration. Calling these groups 'Nazi' is a ploy to marginalise legitimate concerns about globalisation and mass population replacement. Much of the (good-ish) left is also concerned about globalisation.

Even though I might not agree with every political stance of this group, it really doesn't matter. We could have an interesting debate on various issues, no doubt. If white fascists actually rose to power, I might be in danger as a dissenter. But that is hypothetical.

What is real today is, globalists Do want to destroy western civilisation and Do have an army of leftist SJW morons who want to shut down any debate on the key issues of our time.

see also

(to anyone who may object to my use of the word 'fascist' to describe the antifa, yes globalism is a fascist ideology - it's just that the race it 'exalts or promotes' isn't yours.)

Friday, 24 June 2016

Good Morning.

Just wow. Genuinely didn't expect this result!

Bet a Rothschild somewhere made a shitload on the markets tonight. Shades of 1812.

Something that really pissed me off watching the politicomaggots on BBC/ITV was when they accepted the assertion that "Cameron had made a mistake" in "allowing" a referendum. Can't have the plebs inputting their own impure thoughts into our perfect squared Machiavellian world now, can we.

A funny side note is that the Islamic Republic of Birmingham voted to leave...I heard they were concerned about the Polish immigration. (not a joke)

This is the only time I've voted except for UKIP in EU elections. Boris Trump will get the credit but really it belongs to this man.

Nigel Farage says Leave win marks UK 'independence day'

Weird really, what happens next? You know the weasels are going to be weaseling hard to find some sort of get-out from the get-out - but it's okay to enjoy a good result like today. Genuine rejection of globalism by a majority of the people.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The autist who would be John Wilkes Booth

So I ask, is anyone going to hold the left/#NeverTrump responsible for their violent rhetoric giving rise to this terrorist? Glenn Beck included?

Bizarre story. I expect Americans will giggle at the place name, Dorking.

Briton accused of trying to kill Donald Trump was a Robot Wars obsessive

The young British man accused of attempting to assassinate Donald Trump at a Las Vegas rally was a highly intelligent schoolboy who was ‘obsessed’ with the television series Robot Wars.

Michael Sandford, 20, who suffer from a form of autism, is alleged to have tried to grab a police officer’s gun in a bid to kill Trump, the hugely controversial Republican candidate for President.

He told police he had plotted to assassinate the Republican candidate for a year. He had taken shooting lessons in recent days, and had believed he would die during the bid.

Sandford, from Dorking in Surrey, bought robots which had appeared in the Robot Wars television programme, and rebuilt them for live roadshows linked to the event.

It is claimed that in 2014, at about the time he is thought to have travelled to the US, he suddenly decided to sell his collection.

Investigators will try to establish whether the sale of the robots funded his trip to America.

It came as his father Paul Davey disclosed that he had raised concerns with the US authorities over his son's wellbeing. Sandford had travelled to the US over a year ago to be with his girlfriend but had become increasingly hard to reach.

Photographs of his bedroom at his father's home in Havant, Hampshire, showed a room covered in camouflage netting with toy guns on the wall.

Mr Davey insisted his son would 'never harm a fly' and even suggested Sandford may have been influenced or even radicalised and 'put up' to trying to kill Trump.
btw I quite like Robot Wars too, just saying #NotAllRobonuts

Tinfoil thoughts that could be related:

Another three namer; Lee Harvey Oswald, Anders Behring Breivik, Michael Steven Sandford.

Autism is a useful thing for the social planners/military, since autists have other forms of intelligence, without the social intelligence that makes normal people difficult to manipulate. Many speculate that promoting autism spectrum disorders is an aim of the vaccine industry, rather than merely a side effect.

When Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated, globalist GHWB was ready to take his place like (((traitor))) LBJ took that of John F. Kennedy. Trump should for his own safety pick a VP who is as repulsive to the one-worlders as he is.

Not sure about Brexit? Ask Calais

"HUNDREDS of migrants shouting "f*** the UK" have stormed the roads in and around Calais and hurled rocks at British motorists in a desperate attempt to reach the UK before Britons decide whether or not to leave the EU."

The original BBC report on this event
from this Breitbart article

Everything the EU Is Hiding Until After the Referendum

Monday, 20 June 2016

Links 20 Jun '16

Dutch people back Brexit

Anti-establishment candidates elected to lead Rome and Turin

AfD Politician ridicules Green Party LGBTTQQ-Proposal by greeting Parliament in 60 different Genders

Bestiality made legal in Canada (what next, paedophilia? So 'progressive'!)

SJWs Bomb Free Speech Isn’t Free With Fake Reviews

Don't believe in the demonic and possession? Abortionist Tells Pro-Life Advocate He Loves Killing Babies

Trump Gets Death Threats from Mexicans and Blacks During His Dallas Rally

Media fearmongering about Russia - is the Kremlin responsible for hooliganism?

Crimeans Recount Their Experiences When The West Took Ukraine

Why would Putin want to invade Sweden?

Russia Admits It Doesn’t Know Who Its Bombing In Syria, But Does It Anyway (translation: it's impossible to distinguish between NATO backed rebel groups and ISIS, because the NATO backed rebel groups are in fact ISIS)

Paranoia: The distrustful youth
We seem to have endemic distrust. This isn't healthy and doesn't feel normal
Jo Cox
Key witness claiming to have heard 'Britain First' was a BNP member
Mair sometimes a Jewish surname
News of the conviction of a major Muslim paedophile gang was buried by the murder
Paedo Hunt: WN group takes initiative where police won't act

Teen schoolgirl stabbed in random attack by man ‘making Ramadan sacrifice’

Dutch woman held in Qatar on adultery charges after reporting she was raped

Civilians in Bulgaria have taken to hunting down migrants and handing them to police on so-called “healthy walks.”

Michelle Bachmann Calls Muslim Migration A ‘Planned Invasion’ To ‘Destroy Western Christendom’
"But ISIS isn't true Islam"...

ISIS has found a way to pierce US counter-terrorism defenses (or, the people in charge are just laughing and want the Islamic terror to cover their criminal asses. Watch, their backup plan will be to unleash the masonic-infiltrated Nazi/Identitarian/Royalist movement if white people decide they want to survive)
What Muslims said on Twitter: "I wish I was there to see their flesh and body parts flying everywhere"
VD's gut instinct was right from the start
Reddit moves to extend algorithmic suppression of Trump content following Orlando shooting
Leftist admits it's hypocritical to advocate for both gays and Islam, but OK as long as it "triggers white Fundies"
Chicks Can’t Stop Loving Jerkboy Killers
Social justice is great
Trump sounds like he's getting ready to fire up the ovens...apparently

Jew Moneylender Took the Children of Amish Family as Sex Slaves for Repayment of Debts (and 'religion', meaning Amish Christianity, gets the blame. Degenerate parents for sure, but the tribe are never responsible for their bad eggs)

Aangirfan on Clement Freud
Telegraph article on (((Freud))) sex abuse allegations

Jewish pilgrims in Ukraine trigger brawl by shooting local with BB gun

Another “Holocaust Survivor” Hoax Exposed

The Mandela effect psyop in a nutshell

Women aren't loyal: Obese woman ditches husband after losing weight and discovering she has options

1945 - Empire State Building hit by a collapse

Zionist humour...a trojan horse lol

Flashback - The Murder of Anna Lindh and Sweden's Euro Referendum, 2003

In light of recent shenanigans surrounding the Brexit vote, it would be wise to remember another time when the establishment tried to use a politician's murder to swing a vote in their direction...
(CNN) -- Sweden is voting on whether to adopt the euro, in a referendum overshadowed by the murder of the country's foreign minister, Anna Lindh.

Lindh, 46, one of Sweden's most popular politicians, was stabbed while shopping in a Stockholm store on Wednesday, and died the next day.

Prime Minister Goran Persson has urged Swedes to get out and vote in the referendum.

The "yes" campaign moved into the lead over the "no" vote for the first time since April, an opinion poll revealed Saturday.

The Gallup survey, taken among 1,033 people on September 11, showed the "yes" vote edging 43-42 percent ahead, with 15 percent still undecided.

Lindh, a mother of two, had been at the forefront of the campaign for a "yes" vote.

Officials have revealed she received threatening correspondence after writing an article setting out reasons why she believed the country should replace the krona with the common European currency.

But police say they do not believe her murder was politically motivated.

Sweden’s popular foreign minister Anna Lindh is the third high-ranking Swedish political opponent of Zionism to have been murdered since 1948, which raises the question: Was Lindh assassinated because of her outspoken opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestine?

When Sweden’s foreign minister Anna Lindh was brutally stabbed by an unknown assailant while shopping in an upscale Stockholm department store, it marked the third murder in 55 years of a high-level Swedish opponent of Zionist aggression in Palestine.

While the controlled press was quick to point out an unidentified suspect, later released, with alleged ties to “neo-Nazis,” it has virtually ignored the historical precedents that suggest that the killing of Lindh may have been an assassination aimed at silencing an influential political opponent of the Zionist extremists who control the Israeli government and wield great influence in Washington.

Anna Lindh’s Sweden “has had more of an impact on Palestinian history than closer or greater powers throughout the world,” Hanan Ashrawi, the Palestinian professor and negotiator, wrote after the murder.
The killing came in the midst of a hotly contested referendum battle on whether or not Sweden should adopt the European single currency. Lindh was one of the highest profile campaigners for the government’s position of accepting the euro. Her face, plastered on billboards, lamp posts and TV, was well known and her murder seemed to embody the enormous political tensions building up in Sweden. In the end the euro was rejected, despite considerable public mourning for the popular figure.

Soon after the killing, a 35-year-old old socialite, Per Olof Svensson, was arrested. Thought to have far right sympathies and connections to the Swedish royal family, Svensson has a record of threatening public officials. Later released for lack of evidence, Svensson has subsequently taken legal action against the press coverage of his arrest.

Mijailo Mijailovic was arrested instead. In early January, faced with DNA evidence linking him to the murder weapon and also CCTV footage, Mijailovic confessed. His defence lawyers presented a case rejecting a charge of murder on grounds of diminished responsibility.

Did MI5 murder Jo Cox, like Mossad Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh?

The exploitation of this murder failed - Sweden rejected the Euro anyway. So it's not all bad news.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder


Jo Cox Killer Didn't Shout "Britain First". Media Spins "Brexit Gunman" Narrative

"These are the dirty tricks the establishment will pull not to lose power.

The killer of Jo Cox was reportedly known to be mentally ill and taking meds, those who knew him said he was apolitical, and at least one witnesses quoted as saying the killer shouted "Britain First" says he said nothing of the sort."
Eyewitness: "never heard [Britain First]."

Breitbart page
Aangirfan: Mysterious death of Jo Cox MP

The trustworthy (((Southern Poverty Law Center))) say they have evidence of him buying books on improvised firearms, explosives from a white nationalist site. Their continued existence largely depends on the idea that legions of 6'0 blue eyed Christian killers are out there just waiting to unleash mayhem.

I'm not sure what this was or who benefits at this point. Do the Remain campaign get any support out of this? The papers are all running with the Brexit Killer angle, so they apparently think there is political capital to be had.

Forgive me if I'm not shedding a tear over this. "Pro 'refugee', pro globalism politician gunned down", how sad. Not. For precious people who think that is cold, look at the violence their 'caring' policies have unleashed..and which they couldn't give a shit about.

Web Archive: the expeditions of Muhammad, Wikipedia

Before editors relieved the page of all the good bits.


My favourite is the poetry killings, just for those people who think 'radical' Islam and threatening cartoonists is a modern invention.

Mocking the Prophet, How Should We React?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

File this under "some animals are more equal than others"

Orlando shooter’s murky ISIS ties: Media should be cautious in how they report

White America is complicit: Charleston, Dylann Roof and the country’s real race war

Un-Cucking Libertarianism...a little

Keith Farrell writes:
"Libertarianism has an identity problem. The movement is a disparate collection of various ideological views which sometimes share common political goals. When it comes to trashing the two party system or pointing out the ideological inconsistencies of conservatives and liberals, libertarians are united. But when it’s time to define how libertarian philosophy should shape real-world political policy or unite behind a candidate, libertarians scatter in a hundred directions. Such is to be expected from a movement of proud individualists.

The truth is liberty is a rare thing in this world; it has only ever existed where men were willing to kill to establish and protect it.

Too often, however, these various factions then deride the others as pseudo libertarians. More and more it seems libertarians are focused on being ideological gatekeepers rather than having a real effect on national discussion or policy. I have struggled with the libertarian label because I refuse to allow others to draw lines limiting my opinions and in doing so I have often been accused of being a pseudo libertarian...

...It’s time for a pro-defense, pro-America contingent of libertarianism to start speaking up and defining itself. Yes, we want to protect individual liberty and yes, we want the government out of our lives and out of the affairs of private business, but we also know that freedom is remarkably rare in this world and the flame of liberty must be guarded vigilantly. Libertarians need to come to terms with the time we live in, the real world situations our country faces, our international commitments, and accept that America is a world leader. The question is how do we lead? The answer is clear: with the principles of liberty and human dignity as our guide."

This is what I tried to illustrate here. Liberty is not a means of political action, it is an end - and a desirable end at that. But it cannot occur if the means are not present - a culture and population that is willing to defend it. No use talking about "muh principles" if everyone else is playing collectivist identity politics.

American Libertarians - your principles are fine, except within a generation, you are going to be outnumbered and thus outvoted forever by La Raza Socialista. Deal with it. Or, deal with it. Your choice.

you think they're saying "Trump's collectivist generalisations about immigrants are against our individualist worldview and his proposed border restrictions are a violation of the non-aggression principle"? OR..."Me azteca, you gringo, this Mexico now, you lose"?

Who Do USideWith? - Fun With The ISideWith Quiz

- UK version -
- US version -
Hillary the ww3 candidate "no major issues". I can't be all that bad surely. Of course only a very limited number of sterile issues are open for debate...where's the candidate who says "having a fiat debt based monetary system is unsustainable and we should restore nature's currency"? America actually had one of those four years ago, but rejected him, and so we are where we are.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Links 13 Jun '16

Shooting in Orlando
Witness describes second shooter, accomplice blocking door
Aangirfan: Orlando Shooting False Flag?
Milo says Islam is greatest threat to Western Civilisation...yeah, greatest external threat, there is an (((internal threat))) that is far Greater
The Orlando Shooting and Islam (9/11 wasn't an Islamic attack, but many Muslims did cheer it thinking it was)
"Sadly this will only increase gay entitlement"
Facebook pretends nothing has happened
(((Werleman))) says Islam has only been violent for 20
The "inconsistency" of the Left being both pro-LGBT and pro-Islam is resolved when you realize at base it's just anti-Western-civilization.
VD: Yet another Magic Dirt fail
Too soon?
This is really how Black people are when we hear about a Mass Murder­čśé

"Far Right" challenges Austrian election result (apparently it's "far right" to be against ethno-cultural dissolution of Europe)

Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish (it's anudda shoah)

EU Politicians: Europe needs Russia more than ever
Life in rapefugee-welcome Germany...
Being Mugged by Reality is Not Enough
German Finance Minister says closing borders would lead to 'incest' (remember, no matter how inaccurate and opposite to reality it may be, 'inbred' is code for 'white' here. Maybe one day it will be illegal to be 'inbred'. Unless you are one of (((those people))) of course. Western Europeans are actually less inbred than Eastern or 3rd worlders. Extreme outbreeding is also unhealthy.)
Fines for online hate speech can run into €1,000s
“Today, we are tolerant, and tomorrow strangers in their own country” - AfD deputy
Gedeon makes Judaism as "inner" and Islam as "external" enemy of the "Christian West"
Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”
Peter Brimelow On The Immigration Election
Whither the Shards of America? --- It’s Us, or Them (must read rant. "white people are really nice, until they're really not" - Molyneux.)
Cucked Protestant Church: White People are Racist ‘No Matter What’
Boy Wins Honors In Girls All State Track and Field
Baby Bust: US Fertility Rate Unexpectedly Drops to Lowest on Record
US Taxpayers paid out $3 billion in vaccine damages - drug companies exempt

Sweet innocent Palestinian kids practice their anti-Zionist activism (remember, they will leave non-Muslim goys alone if you explain how much you supported the BDS movement and open borders)

The shady world of NATO's "Rebels": Kurdish ( Syrian) FSA commander died in Manbij
Hilarious Project Fear article: Imagine Europe in chaos, and freedom just an empty slogan
It's England's Brexit (I'm a little disappointed in the Celtic nations tbh. If independence is a good thing for all, and I believe it is, then Scots and Welsh should support England's independence also. No-one is independent while in the EU.)
Pro-Remain MPs could trigger 'constitutional crisis' by using Commons majority to keep Britain in the EU after Brexit vote (keep voting until you get it right serfs)
State shill sort of admits: Our own bad habits have brought Britain to the brink of Brexit
Euroscepticism on rise in Europe, poll suggests
Your comms metadata is super-revealing but the law doesn't protect it

Android users: Google may be recording everything you say

Twitter recently purged certain un-PC accounts #IStandWithHateSpeech

The Dependent celebrates shutting down Britain First stall in the name of tolerance

Martin O'Neill's "homophobic" gaffe (I agree he should have Roy Keane lolz)

Dalrock on the myth of Amelia Earhart and why men don't stoop to feminists' level

Comedian Booed on Talk Show After Claiming Abortion is “Cool”

Makow: Why women aren't getting loved

Does the Bible forbid Christian woman bloggers from teaching other women the Bible?

AirBnB reveals most people are quiet and polite segregationists

Free Northerner says Colour is a social construct (hey that's a better version of my argument from 2010 lol. There's only one colour, rainbow colour!!)

Friday, 10 June 2016


You can see them in busy Google+ communities as well. Standardised talking points. Ignored by left and right alike. But elections in America are far from open and transparent.

Euros start tonight!

82 people hired for security posts for Euro 2016 on terror watch lists

The BBC has warned English football fans not to dress as crusaders when attending the Euro 2016 tournament this summer as they might cause offence to Muslims.

I do enjoy football despite everything. Bizarrely, seeing a multi-ethnic team doesn't make me want to destroy western civilisation and accept mass population replacement; neither does the obviously entertaining distraction make me ignorant of world events (more than I am anyway).

The era of trial by Global Media is here!

Like a Scottish Max Keiser.

Personally I am indebted to Mike Ashley, for the marvellous job he has done running his football club ;)

Oh, and the whole concept of trial by media only works as long as a majority of the population allow themselves to be played on an emotional level. #feminisation

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Truth About Brexit


Project Fear is the only 'argument' the (((one worlders))) have. That and postal votes. Postal votes always tend to swing it.

Links 6 Jun '16

Violence at Trump rallies...

Left-wing Vox editor: “If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.”

Swiss reject universal basic income

Boris Johnson: You must vote to leave the EU

Exit polls put Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement in lead for Rome mayor

Left wing German politician caked for questioning open borders

The disturbing agenda behind the #RefugeesWelcome message pushed by pedophile activists

"This is how a girl in an occupied land loses her virginity."

What has caused Sweden's 1472% increase in rapes? ("Sweden has turned into Absurdistan")

Hungarian Socialists Want to Import 1 Million Migrants to Hungary

Polish Hospital Stops Abortions After Every Single Doctor Signs Pledge Refusing to Do Them

Chief Of The CIA’s ‘Bin-Laden’ Unit Tells The World That Al-Qaeda Never Existed

Muslims want to pray in the Hagia Sophia (compare with how Christian sites are treated in Jerusalem. Obviously Israel makes many shekels from tourism, but still)

Moscow baby killer sentenced: ‘Allah ordered me to do it’

Russian-Americans Warn Of Nuclear War

Putin's youth
Cameron's youth
British man arrested, detained and charged for 'offensive' T-shirt
More on the circus Stateside:
Race, Gender Biggest Differentiators in Views of Clinton, Trump
"you not really black, you white on the inside."
"I am a 'Cuckservative'"
"they're afraid. Their basically Afrikaaners. Afrikaaner-Americans." (South Africa genocide watch)
The tribe on Milo
The tribe on Muhammad Ali

Concealed Carrying Hero Battled Mass Shooter In Houston: Media Silent

69 shot in Chicago vs 1 gorilla shot!


UCLA attempted to mislead the public and change the religion of the shooter from Muslim to Hindu
Initially reported as a 'white male', anti-whites jumped the gun (no pun intended)

More censorship of Vaxxed - liberal shocked when HuffPo censors him

"Johnny Depp, who is the victim of a hoax, knew what he was marrying. Earlier photos show she was crazy."
"The mental state of BoJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda may be even more precarious though."

Now just imagine what happens when millions of people are told the state is bankrupt

Study: men systemise, women empathise


An Open Letter to FeminAzi's from A Judeo-Christian

Anne Frank — the Jewish Girl That DIDN'T Write the Famous Auschwitz Diary

College Then and Now: Letter to a Bright Young Woman

Battlefield 1: EA Was Concerned Kids Didn't Know WW1 Even Happened

check your privilege, racist scum

How Twitter soft censors un-PC content

Also worth pointing out that certain posts don't seem to be favoured by the G+ system. The keyword 'sjw' being one that stands out, along with any mention of (((certain subjects))). Some posts on my G+ wall showed '+0' until recently. It's too late corporate proxy politburo, too much truth has already leaked out and it's only getting better.