Monday, 18 July 2016

Links 18 July '16

Devious witches scheming to sabotage Brexit (they will be back)

GOP platform includes Trump's wall

Duterte: US imported terrorism to Middle East

How will we survive robots stealing our jobs?

UK's climate change dept abolished, but 'smart meters and all our policies strong as ever'

England could see new generation of grammar schools (YES please. Comprehensives are a failure and the kids are divided by academic ability for most subjects anyway. Get the best kids together with best teachers and get as much out of them as possible, instead of dragging everyone down to the same level - regression to the mean. Train low ability kids in vocational practical stuff. Elitism is needed, mediocrity is killing our civilisation ffs. Observe and compare today's West with China, they actually want their people to win.)

Irish Parliament Defeats Bill to Legalize Abortions on Disabled Babies

Turkey Coup
Putin calls Erdogan immediately after coup attempt
Brexit must have destabilised Turkey - noble elected representative
One good thing to come out of this - they won't be accepted into the EU now. You'd think.

German cartoon depicts Cologne rapists as white - why?

French Lives Matter
French (((government))) covered up truth about torture, mutilation in Bataclan massacre
"Maybe blacks should just learn to live with shootings"
A stunning percentage of Muslim youth in France support suicide bombing
French citizens getting ready for war - councillor
Haaretz says Europe needs its Muslims too much to fight them
Media's agenda - show refugee suffering, ignore white suffering
Glasgow parade...think they're here to be best buddies?
How Israelis deal with this stuff (physiognomy is real, even for the tribe)

Social media slut strangled in honour killing in Pakistan (surely there's a way to deal with degenerate women without resorting to murder? Savages)

To a shitlib, any inconvenient fact is evidence of an 'obsession'

Goy Lives Matter
Obama at funeral of Dallas police gives lecture about racism; black cops mostly applaud, white cops mostly look unsure
Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings
BLM: "What do we want, Dead Cops!"
(((Conservatives))) decry the 'terrible' legacy of Matt Drudge
Former Prosecutor Sues Obama, Al Sharpton For Inciting A Race War
(((White))) BLM speaker Jeff Hood saying "God Damn White America" in Dallas before shootings
Baton Rouge killer was intelligent, level headed (leftists in denial - this is real terrorism, not MKUltra)
Good guess from a Twitterer in March
Nice black people call in to Molyneux
Cops Shoot White Guy; Nobody Pays Attention
Think Progress Editor Calls Cop Shootings ‘Justice’
CNN panel devolves into chaos after guest claims African-Americans commit more crimes
Mark Dice - Police should boycott black neighbourhoods?
University Might Expel Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter
14 Year Old (((American))) Boy's Anti-White Poem
Anti-gun prof calls for shooting up NRA, ensuring 'no survivors'
Top 10 Reasons There Will Never Be A Black Ethnostate (truth hurts, but lies kill)

Beta Lives Matter
Women are using Tinder to con men into doing chores
Women have no remorse, no shame about exploiting men (no one cares about dumb men anyway. But remember we live in a patriarchy and men are privileged. Actually this kind of thing is the male equivalent of sluttery. Stop being sluts men! Respect yourself more, make them earn that fixed aircon or installed shelf...)

How well do you know WW2...Hitler or Churchill? (I got 93%)

The Irish origins of Iceland?

Catholic prophecies on the end times

Zionists upset about people playing Pokemon in their museums - why?
Going to court is not a game

Using Trump quotes on Tinder :'D

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