Saturday, 29 April 2017

SJW Calls For Legalization Of Knowingly Transmitting HIV!

Think it's just rhetoric to say that "progressives" are prepared to die for what they believe in? Plenty already have...cult-like stuff.

Need some chlorine in the gene pool.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

UKIP steps up rhetoric: Ban Burka, charge C * Rape Gangs under Hatecrime laws

[RT] UKIP announced plans for a policy of mandatory annual medical checks for schoolgirls in “at-risk minority” groups for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)* and prosecutions for parents of anyone who has undergone the procedure.

As part of its “integration agenda,” UKIP announced mandatory annual FGM checks for girls in schools. It wants to “implement school-based medical checks on girls at high risk of suffering FGM. These should take place annually and whenever they return from trips overseas.”

The party is also calling for parents of girls who are subjected to FGM, which is illegal in Britain, to face prosecution.

It pledges to “make failure to report instances of FGM by someone who has knowledge that it has taken place a criminal offence itself” and for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to “operate under a presumption of prosecution any parents whose daughter has undergone FGM.”

The announcement comes as the party pledged to ban Islamic face coverings in public places in Britain, saying they are a “deliberate barrier to integration and, in many contexts, a security risk too.”

UKIP also wants Sharia law to be banned, and for a legal commission to be created to work to disband Sharia courts. It says Sharia law is “identified as a rival legal system which undermines women’s rights.”

The party has announced that any rape or grooming offense where the perpetrator is a different race should be an “aggravating factor” and treated as a hate crime to ensure longer prison sentences.

UKIP’s education spokesperson, David Kurten, said until there was “better integration” in Britain, “there should be a moratorium on new Islamic schools.” He also called for the immediate closure of schools where there is “evidence of Islamist ideology being taught or imposed on children.”

The proposals still need to be approved by the party’s “policy scrutiny team” and may not make it into UKIP’s official general election manifesto.
Meaning, they want to find out whether it is viable to say these things, be supported by the public, and without the media shrieking excessively.

How many different ways can you ban Islam? They're going for a record - I count five. FGM, madrassas, sharia, honour killings, veils...
...and here's number 6, another ruthless attack on an integral part of their culture
Don't underestimate how corrupted this country is - thousands of kids get groomed by these invaders and the police cover it up because, well, they're used to covering up child abuse amirite? And because racism.

I wasn't going to vote this year but will do so for UKIP if they keep these ideas in their platform. This is a major change in direction for them, and to be honest I thought they were going to fade out of relevance once Brexit is done, but these changes are a major positive.

By the way, my vote will have zero impact thanks to the British voting system and living in a Labour cultland/poverty den. We need proportional representation since we cannot vote separately for the leader of the country like in a Presidential system. The current system is designed to shut out dissent, which isn't necessarily a terrible thing as long as the parties in power aren't trying to do anything crazy, such as genocide by stealth their indigenous population.

Meanwhile, the French can't decide whether they want to be blown up in the streets or not. Look at this, even the gays are turning racist. So much hate.

it's so progressive tho

* of course, I equally support banning the barbaric practice of Male Genital Mutilation.

Let's Play - Berkeley: Total War - PC

"This is the new Berkeley Mod for Rome: Total War."


Monday, 24 April 2017

Solving the Somali Pirate problem...

For a long time I have been saying, why don't they allow cargo ship crews to be armed, in order to defend themselves against these pirates? All it would take is a few trained crew members on each vessel to put a stop to these puny boats. It has puzzled me why private companies have allowed this to go on for so long when it doesn't seem that difficult an issue to solve.

If I was going to be part of one of these crews, I wouldn't go if no one on board was armed or permitted to defend themselves. That's not a tough guy thing to say - "yo lemme at those pirates" - simply, it's far more scary surrendering to them and being at their mercy, than actually fighting them from a far bigger vessel. In my opinion.

Isn't this just a protection racket to enrich proxies of the state?

(I admit this issue appeals to my ancap side. We'll get there one day. Probably not in my lifetime or this century. lol.)

- Clickbait interlude -
I saw this video because it's going around on networks again, it is NOT new as certain clickbait sites are implying. The 'battle' shown above dates back to 2013. I wrote this at first presuming the video was new. Be careful!

Watching this and other footage people are getting on GoPro cameras etc, combined with the privatisation and outsourcing of war makes me think, will war be livestreamed (with a delay of course haha) in the future? Governments would try to censor that, and corporations wouldn't want eyes to be on them also, but could they stop individual contractors from posting Epic Battle Videos that pay a second salary in ad revenue? Because you know everyone would watch. Morbid Fascination.

(sry for going full Black Mirror, but hey it will probably happen)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top Hats - Punch A Commie Today! + Antifa killed by Jihadist

Fresno guy killed by white-hating Muslim was an antifa /
Bike Lock Bandit Identified as Professor Eric Clanton of SFSU

"Punch a commie today! Antifas don't deserve any better, as Berkeley has proven once more."

(2:00) As a Christian conspiracy theorist, I'm offended by this. Jesus will judge you!!

heh, and here we find a cool new gender identity...lmao

Look bigots, did you ever stop to think this was his way of letting the world know he was a unicorn? You can't help being born as a unicorn. Finally thanks to some dickt tape surgery, he can live his dream, so stfu haters.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Decent article on the shenanigans in Trump's administration

if only it was this simple
nb - the left wing of the establishment are very effective (and dirty) political operators. They identified Flynn, Sessions and Bannon as their targets, and seem on course to get 2 out of 3. As per Vox Day's thinking, this is why the rise of the alt-right is inevitable as it's the only group prepared to retaliate in the sphere of Rules for Radicals politics.

Identity politics can only be countered with identity politics for the same reason that a knife cannot be used in a gunfight.
‘Globalist Gary’ Rising as Bannon Takes Heat

A liberal Democrat who wants to impose a carbon tax on the United States is newly ascendant in the struggle for White House influence after President Trump publicly diminished his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, in a brief Tuesday interview with the New York Post.

Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, is best positioned to rise, if a high-level shake-up were to happen, a source close to several senior White House officials and familiar with the internal jockeying told LifeZette.

Cohn is a still a registered Democrat and a former president of Goldman Sachs. Cohn’s ideology, critics contend, runs counter to the platform that carried Trump to victory in November. Many Trump loyalists are puzzled as to why Trump appears to be eyeing him for a larger role.

Already, Cohn has floated new banking regulations and has invited advocates of a carbon tax to the White House. It’s one reason the source close to several key figures in the White House told LifeZette that Cohn critics refer to him as “globalist Gary.”

Indeed, Cohn’s influence already seems reminiscent of the rise of Dick Darman in the administration of President George H. W. Bush. Darman convinced Bush to abandon his “no new taxes” pledge of the 1988 campaign, leading Bush to defeat in 1992.

But there is another reason for Cohn’s rise beyond the shrinking influence of the populist faction within Trump’s White House: Trump shuffles through people, and right now, Cohn is the new face.

“Trump loves the shiny new object, whether it’s a thing or a person,” tweeted Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter who Trump often appears eager to please. “Right now that shiny new object is Cohn.”

Bannon is not on the firing line for an immediate ejection from his post, the source believes, but Trump does appear to be re-establishing his dominance in the White House, signaling to the media that Trump alone sets the agenda. Trump was reportedly upset with media stories — many of them dubious — that Bannon is the puppet master behind the throne.

In truth, Trump is managing several factions. A source close to Bannon said there are three or four factions. One is the populist, anti-globalist wing that Bannon represents. Senior adviser Stephen Miller is also part of this faction, which helped elect Trump as no other faction did.

There's the traditional Republican faction, represented by Reince Priebus, the chief of staff and former Republican National Committee chair. Priebus is seen as having fumbled a number of issues, and is also seen as allowing too much infighting.

"Reince is incompetent, and that invites challenge," the source said.

Then there's the Cohn faction. It includes adviser Dina Powell. The Cohn faction doesn't like Trump's focus on bashing free trade and wants to appease Democrats on the environment.
I've started following that site, simply because of the editor.

On BBC last night some filthy witch reporter was smirking that Trump's supporters were "stuck with Globalist Trump". lol, a Pyrrhic victory for the deep state...not as though the fundamentals that led people to support Trump, Brexit, Wilders, Le Pen etc have changed. If the Elysium crowd are determined to follow Marie Antoinette's example, then so be it. No reforms, just straight over the cliff. Greedy fools.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ann Coulter: Fire The Generals!

Populists Split with Trump Over Syrian Intervention

The Rider on the White Horse

"And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army." Revelation 19:19
Saint George, wearing white armor and a blue cape, riding a white horse, holding a blue shield, defeating the dragon
Actually I don't think we are living in the events of Revelation. Not yet anyway. Some really bad and unmistakable things would have already happened. But it's a very poetic choice of imagery on the part of the Russians. The kings of (((Europe))) have had it in for them for centuries.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Trump, Syria...(I Hate Neocons)

If nothing else, this shows just how pernicious the deep state is.

I haven't commented on this sooner due to being dumbstruck, to be honest. I fully expected to be disappointed in Trump on one or two issues, but never saw Syria as being one of them. Senile warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham, along with globalist fundamentalists at the BBC, are gloating over this like all their Samhains have come at once. Yes, let's celebrate almost triggering WW3, woohoo! (I wonder why so many of our overlords seem addicted to adrenaline-rush-inducing, risk taking behaviour.)

This plus the apparent demotion of Steve Bannon within the administration, along with the promotion of (((Kushner))) is bad news. I'm not psychic but would presume that Bannon was against this strike.

lol...who ordered the bacon double cheeseburger?

Some things never change. It's all about who has the king's ear.

Even if it's true that this is some sort of political game being played out and not a signal that Trump has succumbed to the deep state, this is exactly why I hate war, even when it's justified (which this isn't!). Decent* Syrians have been killed here for some nuanced political interest in DC or London or Tel Aviv. We were supposed to be helping them by bombing the hell out of ISIS (ideally of course all western nations should not be involved in what is basically a civil war in an alien land), now a few of them are dead and more notably, others are justifiably bitter.

Don't worry, it won't be too long before Americans and Europeans rediscover what war - or kinetic action, if you prefer - is really like. The finest minds of Davos pedigree are working hard to Make Europe a Battlefield Again. Invade the world, invite the world.

* the ones who stayed to help their country. I respect that a lot, and I hope Trump and everyone who ordered this strike is haunted by the righteous people they killed here. Unless of course you believe Assad actually used chemical weapons, lol. I can understand if you bought the story first time round four years ago.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Saudi General gives finger to protesters attempting citizen’s arrest over Yemen atrocities

Leftists are alright when they attack the right things.

Of course, I don't represent the British establishment. But can anyone explain why the Saudis are an ally of the UK? I'm not even saying 'we' shouldn't have allies in the Islamic world, but if there are benefits of that, why not ally with the more reasonable countries like Iran or Syria? Instead, Western countries are tied to the worst expressions of Islam, and the (((Saudis))) are the worst of the worst.

a parody of a British govt ad campaign
The reality is that the rulers of America, Israel, the EU and Britain have all encouraged and supported Islamic forces since the 80s. Saudis to fight other (less controllable) Islamic factions in the sandbox, Chechens and Mujahadeen to fight Russia, and probably Uyghurs to subvert China.

Lucky us, previous generations of Europeans had no idea what these subversive forces wrought in faraway lands. Thanks to the joy of open borders, we are beginning to get a first hand experience.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Special Operations Form Anti Pedophile Task Force?

What do you believe?

"Former Navy SEAL Craig "Sawman" Sawyer joins Alex Jones to discuss how he is working to expose and destroy pedophilia."

Also immediately after the above broadcast, his crowdfunding page was shut down.

So that's quite a list of Expendables (if you will) - CIA, Delta, SAS, even ze Germans. But isn't someone missing?

Srsly though, it's kind of a pathetic thing to say; but to those who are making this possible, who made Brexit and Trump possible, thank you. The least we can do is share the information. Pray for the deliverance of these kids from evil.