Friday, 15 July 2016

Terror Fatigue 2016. + a Nice hero story at the end

Molyneux on the latest act of Islam in France.


This is the fatal blind spot of some 'truthers', particularly those of a leftist persuasion. Yes, 9/11 and 7/7 weren't done by Muslims. Yes the state loves loves loves terrorism and constantly uses it to get their way. Yes tptb want a clash of civilisations narrative to protect themselves from popular anger.


How do you explain the remarkable rate at which, wherever there is a large Muslim population, things tend to blow up?

If the right response to all these terror attacks is to fold your arms and declare 'false flag', how come these kind of attacks did not happen with even close to the same frequency, before the mass importation of peaceful moderate cuddly Muslims?

Because the Quran would never sanction waging war against the unbeliever until Islam rules all, right? It's just the same as any other religion, is it not?

(Once again the official line will be "ooh mental illness, stress, workplace violence, lone gunman, hate, killing at random" - these terror attacks are so hard to figure out!)

May I suggest that in countries like France the government, now, does not need to go to the lengths of making these atrocities happen. They already have millions of domestic insurgents across Europe who only need the state to stand back and watch them deliver the fireworks.

Pakistani ex-Muslim predicts Hindu fate in India

lol when I search for 'muslim hindu violence india', all the top results are pro-Islam or about Hindu atrocities. Try it. One sided af.

The Brutal Truth About Islam

Another thing that weak corrupt people won't appreciate is the courage of the man who tried to stop the truck by climbing from his motorcycle into the cabin. And someone who actually did get inside.

Some of the anti-Islamophobia r-selected people reply to that video with things like "silly" or "what was he thinking" and that pisses me off more than anything else! Ungrateful people who wouldn't take any risks to try and save others, yet they always berate their political opponents for being 'selfish'. Shame on you.

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