Saturday, 9 July 2016

Dallas Shooting...Black Lives Matter Plan for Martial Law Exposed

In a move that benefits the ruling class not one bit, a 'masonry specialist' (lol), Black Power shouting, Army veteran has apparently decided to shoot up some white pigs. (Micah Xavier Johnson another 3-namer.)

Some people are saying this could be a false flag. While there is evidence to support this, I'm going to start by mentioning how, like the naive yet bloodthirsty Muslims after the false flag 9/11, plenty of black people think this is fantastic news...
BLM sympathizers took to Twitter to express their joy at the carnage, with one commenting, “Y’all pigs got what was coming for y’all.”

“Next time a group wants to organize a police shoot, do like Dallas tonight, but have extra men/women to flank the Pigs!,” added another.

“Dude hell yeah someone is shooting pigs in dallas. Solidarity,” commented another user.

“DALLAS keep smoking dem pigs keep up the work,” remarked another.
I would advise black people not to start a race war with whites. You won't win. Soros will encourage you - and then throw you to the dogs.

Now, onto the reactions and info from bloggers.

Aangirfan says this is a strategy of tension to promote authoritarian 'globalist' government.

Penny discusses the oddity of using an EOD robot to blow up the shooter.

Interesting post on the multiple suspects who have been disappeared.

Video of (one of) the shooter(s)

Vox Day: The predictive model / a police officer's perspective

The American police community killed 1146 humans last year (2015) in America. 229 were unarmed and 50 were killed by the less than lethal Taser.

On a related note, I had planned to make a passing mention of this but recent events make it more important:
Black lives matter: Plans for martial law EXPOSED!

Yesterday, I posted this HACKED screenshot on my twitter of one of the Black Lives Matter activist (most likely informant) @Deray exposing his plans to start a "SUMMER OF CHAOS." Their goal was to start a riot with 2,000 people "bused in" (most likely being paid under the table) to the Republican convention in Cleveland. They are targeting Donald Tump, and trying to paint him out to be a racist and trying to start MARTIAL LAW!

Here is the screenshot of his conversation, and plans below. I usually wouldn't blog about something like this unless I had more evidence that this was in fact his profile, but as soon as I tweeted about this yesterday Deray himself blocked me on twitter! He did not attempt to clear his name nor reach out to me. So that leaves me to believe 100% that this was indeed his account! Such a fucking SHAME that our own American citizens are supporting DOMESTIC TERRORISM!


One more thing: to those of you who were blindly supporting Black Lives Matter thinking it was a real movement for the people by the people.... think again! You are being USED to get Martial Law started and eventually imprison us all here! You are being used and the people who are using you do not give a single fuck about you! I promise you this....... We must stick together during these times and fight against TYRANNY to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!

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