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(Admittedly since tumblr and basically feminists got hold of these ideas and made a new horoscopey religion out of them, it's important to be wary for pseudo-pseudo-scientific bull that has been made up on the spot. Settle for no less than genuine, pseudo-scientific psychology.)

The 16 Types

the ratio between S:N is about 70:30. or, why libertarianism will never win an election.
the brain is intj surely?
I - I swear I've never done that!

The INTJ File

2a. susceptible to reverse psychology. and 6. we know it
"relax, we're not staring at you, we're staring through you". she's faking it, he is for real
less than 1% of women are INTJ, compared to ~3% of men. It's a challenge for them as the blunt, unemotional, cold **appearance** of this personality doesn't suit women.
sure that's not an Idealist type? idk
basically me tbh
sometimes I resemble INFJ, but all the time? no thx. also I can talk when you normie bastards want to hear about something interesting.
it's got a while to go before Englishman/Irishman/Scotsman level humour is achieved.

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