Monday, 11 July 2016

Links 11 July '16

Putin Begs Media To Wake Up
Autism Rates Explode In Asia After Introducing Western Vaccines

Was Chuck Norris’ Son Poisoned?

Virginia State Senator Richard Black: “We have never done anything more loathsome or despicable than what we’re doing in Syria”

Meet the General Who Tried to Pressure Obama Into World War 3 with Russia

Japan to Allow Use of Imperial Flag
Japanese establishment trying to restore their Imperium?
(and free themselves from US occupation...depends how you look at it)

UK Ivory Tower Politics
Theresa May will be made the new Prime Minister on Wednesday

Nigel Farage tweets backing for Andrea Leadsom... an hour before she quit
Production line politirobot Angela Eagle formally launches leadership challenge ("I believe I can", "I'm a strong Labour woman" lol)

So what we have here is the cosmopolitan bourgeois internationalist filth in London promoting, for both major parties, candidates who are not the most popular with their own party membership, but who are safe choices who represent conformity to the globalist agenda.

At least we have progress in the sense that there is rebellion brewing at the grass roots level. Labour's heartland is where I live and most people here voted for Brexit (against their party's wishes) and support 'proper socialist' Corbyn over, say, a Blair/Milliband globalist type of candidate. If they become disaffected with Labour they will never vote for Tories or (now tainted) LibDems, so they may turn UKIP or whatever may replace them in future.

In short, both Labour and the Tories are depriving their parties of the most popular candidates in order to conform to establishment pressure. Foolish. Cake, anyone?

Cloud People spend so much time studying the Dirt People that they have not bothered to notice much about themselves.

Aangirfan: It's a revolt of the invisible poor...

Ireland anticipates surge in immigration if they remain in EU

Trump and Bernie on open borders

Not just Dallas: Attacks in 3 states target cops for 2 days in row
Why is there a need for a Black Lives Matter protest in England? 
the "racist white police officer" who shot Philando Castile is a latino
How can we blame Police for having bias against blacks? (just the facts. Ouch.)

Tommy Robinson: police give ISIS salute with Muslim, but charge me for 'f*** ISIS' flag

Toronto: Muslims attack and beat Rise Canada affiliated Christian preacher
Hate crimes equality! Non-whites denied chance to be charged with hatecrime despite their best efforts!
Why don't feminists fight for Muslim women? (answer: don't lecture foreign people about what their culture is or isn't. Feminism is not Western culture! Feminism is the force that has undermined Western culture. For Western culture to rise again and crush Islam, it must first rid itself of feminism, humanism and blank slateism, and restore the ways of our fathers. Honestly I would prefer Islam to the Tumblrocracy.)
How well do you know this narrow-moustached genocidal maniac?

It’s Time Libertarians Started Caring About Religious Freedom

The new Amy Biehl? Alice Gross argued against banning foreign criminals before her murder

French IQ has fallen by 4 points due to 'biological causes'

Ex-Yorkshire mayor in racism storm over tweets

The wymyn's groupthink files: 'Why would you ever give up your children and your husband for crazy women?'
Private Eye on Philippines leader Duterte encouraging vigilantes to kill drug addicts

Pokemon Go Linked to CIA
Adults walking around the mall talking about their is a pikachu at the front entrance... Can sharia come a bit faster?

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