Wednesday, 26 October 2016

So, what's it gonna be?

For the Trump doubters.

There is no room (or need) for ideological debate in an identity politics fuelled, 4th generation war.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Links 3 Oct '16

Russia says 'back off' to NATO Zionist meddlers
Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos
Info on the 'White Helmets'
The Latest on Russia/Turkey

Campaign to expose Clinton sex crimes

Good news: Christian churches making tentative steps towards turning on their globalist masters #MakeChristianityGreatAgain
Priest to Christians: “You Might Not Have a Church to Go to If You Don’t Vote Right in November”
Barnhardt: "Virility is now a spectacle. Christian virility is almost incomprehensible."
State: Christian Schools Can’t Pray Before Athletic Events
Zippy: Respect for murderesses Sunday

Polish pro-abortion protestors, repulsive inside and out. Baby killers.
"Stop Sexualizing My Children" - Father Sues School Board

Shunned for supporting natural marriage, former Mozilla CEO is back with new browser

Greek retirees protesting against the loss of their pension

This is how it's going to end, Boomers. Sorry.
Huge Hungarian vote: 98 per cent oppose EU migrant policy (declared invalid due to 45% turnout, so much for democracy)

Duterte mocks the lolocaust

America's founding fathers on the tribe! I didn't know this

Nigel Farage invited to be in Trump's corner for next debate

Saudi princess fled Paris after ordering bodyguard to 'kill this dog', forcing decorator to kiss her feet (more semitic fetishism?)

VD: The Age of the Orc is upon us

PJW video exposing the reality of Charlotte 'peaceful protests'
Muslim migrants 'gone' wild...

Hispanic man films white woman being beaten over Trump yard sign

EU signs deal to deport unlimited numbers of Afghan asylum seekers (it's not all bad news)

White cop fired for Facebook post about BLM

BBC Lets Go Of Veteran (libtard) Host Because He’s A ‘White Man’

A great resource for finding the best Twitter content

The Case Against Veganism
The Merger of Monsanto and Bayer

Vox Day Interviews Greg Johnson on the Alt Right and the absolute DRAMA between VD/Milo and the Stormers

Harambe Lives!!