Sunday, 24 July 2016

Munich Shooter was a Right Winger like Breivik?

Munich shooting not connected to refugees or ISIS, was inspired by Breivik - Bavaria police

The Munich shooter had no connection to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) or refugees. He was born and raised on German soil, Bavarian police chief told reporters citing preliminary results of a search of the gunman’s family apartment.

However, police officials have linked the Munich shooter's actions to Norwegian far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik, who in 2011 killed eight people by detonating a car bomb in the middle of a government block in Oslo and then shot dead 69 participants of a youth summer camp on the island of Utoya.

"He [the shooter] was very much into the theme of killing sprees, therefore being well aware of the Utoya attack. The link is obvious*," Bavarian police chief Andrae told reporters, in answer to a question on whether there was a connection between the Munich mall shooting and Utoya tragedy, which took place exactly five years ago to the day.

The shooter created a bogus Facebook account under the name "Selina Akim," [the devious Nazi bastard] urging people to come for a food giveaway, according to the Daily Telegraph. "I can buy you something that's not too expensive," the shooter wrote.

*(...for us to make without any evidence)

So here is the home grown, right wing killer the leftists on Twitter are yelling about:

half Iranian, so actually Aryan lol. and the other half?

This detail has been scrubbed from the media. After all, we wouldn't want to promote Hatred now would we.


  1. Hey Modern Kant:
    What muslim eyewitness would cry when they hear that said?

    "I hear this and I only crying"

    Tears of joy and reverence or fear- Surely everyone assumes it's fear- I doubt it was even said.

    I noticed they were using this incident to attack so called 'right wingers'- Never let a good crisis go to waste.. seems to be the way the media plays it

    They were actually on about bullying too- I mean for cripes sakes the man, was a man- 18 years old and I saw today they've dropped the bullying baloney

    1. Could have been tears related to being around a murder rather than what was or wasn't said by the murderer.

      Yeah, the media is so terrible and allergic to truth their reporting (narrative spinning) on these events always goes through about four versions before finding the synthesis that 'everyone' (in tptb) can agree on.

      My problem is this. There are many good truthers out there who have their heads so far in the sand regarding this issue - the 4GW we are currently in the early stages of but which could be prevented at any time by meanie policy which they oppose - and I don't know what it will require to make them admit that the violence is as real and organic as the food our rulers eat.

      Okay, the deep state may have been involved in *some* of the killings, but again yesterday someone got macheted to death, not to mention the ficki ficki etc.

      I just don't know when if ever these people who claim to pursue the truth about everything and leave no stone unturned (and who I admire for many other reasons), will acknowledge the 1000lb Caliphant in the room.