Monday, 4 July 2016

Links 4 July '16

Happy 4th USA! Gun ownership spikes, murders hit 51-year low

Elie Wiesel dies

Austria Presidential election annulled after postal vote fraud

Bosnia is majority Muslim according to census

Drug-Resistant Yeast Infection That Kills Up To 60% Of Those Infected

Political Machinations in the UK... (I hate mainstream British politics, such a sham. Boris gives big speech before Brexit, 'raaaah this is our Independence Day' - read, 'I want to be the next PM' - and then at the drop of a hat abandons it all because someone leaned on him slightly. Everyone is so compromised in this country it's a joke.)

Blair camp seeking to stage coup against Corbyn: Analyst
Now Britain faces ‘Coloured revolution’ as Soros moves to stop Brexit
Why elections are bad for democracy (why breathing is bad for respiration)
Academics ask: are we out of touch with the people? Reach inevitable state of denial
"Mass expressions of working-class discontent used to make leftists feel inspired; now they make them feel ill."
Old Doesn't Mean Stupid And Young Doesn't Mean Know It All - David Icke

Latest from the NAU
"We signed agreements allowing us to bypass Trump's wall plan"
Obama Wages 'Unprecedented War' on Whistleblowers
Former Navy Seal: 'Hillary killed my friends'
Hillary spent tax-evading 'foundation' money on lesbian lover and zionist spawn
"Knockout Game", aka modern lynching
Concealed Carrier Stops Nightclub Shooting
Monsanto's puppets in the U.S. Senate announced a 'compromise' to outlaw GMO labeling laws nationwide
Forced diversity training backfires, claims Harvard study

Did a Satanist Write the US Declaration of Independence? (my answer, not bothered who wrote it. The sentiment is there for all to see, and reasonable. Why certain people think they are against the NWO yet believe submitting to the British Empire was the right decision, is beyond me. Communism was not intended to remove all monarchies, just all monarchies opposing the British. Karl Marx was given shelter in London when he fled Europe ffs. Perfidious Albion.)

AK Used In Paris Attack Was From Fast And Furious
Tiberius Gracchus

20 foreigners killed, 13 hostages rescued after Bangladesh siege

The bracelets worked as much as you would expect...

First-Person Testimonial from a Former Refugee Volunteer in Germany

Icelandic police drag two asylum seekers from church providing sanctuary (Western churches are so badly corrupted by false teachings and globalist ideals, they should not be supported until they have a serious restoration. They are, with few exceptions, traitors and agents of Babylon.)

Japan's top court has approved blanket surveillance of the country's Muslims

Electre being censored by French govt (I know it was when I started talking about (((those people))) that google reduced traffic to my blog back in the day)

YouTube has become a safe space

Open access journals are killing science, says private journal

Liberty Hangout is so based (establishment Libertarianism is pro-globalist, SJW and self-defeating.)

Royal Troon Golf Club reverses decision to ban women (I respect their right to choose, but not the persecution and shaming they endured for the original choice they made. Bake the fkin Cake!!)

Pope Benedict Dishes on Vatican’s ‘Powerful Gay Lobby’

ChristianMingle Must Include Gays, Judge Rules

The facts behind #HeterosexualPrideDay
Every other day is "watch the traditional family structure get drowned and demonized" day

Another 'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down to earth by claims that she had co-pilot

Dalrock - What causes all of the consternation about housework?

Latest profane SJW whining about video games: needs more realistic filth!

Scientists discover two giant blobs at the edge of the Earth's core

EU's Druncker talks about "other planets' leaders"

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