Thursday, 14 July 2016

What's the difference between these two?

One was the subject of a coronation...and the other is the bloody Queen!!

Would Mother Stasi win an election?

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  1. I was parked on a bench outside the Iveagh Bequest with my mutt a couple of Sunday's ago and she wandered past looking like a charity shop derelict. I wondered, having never seen her there before, one notes the luvvies and politcos that stalk the Heath, "Must be here to get instructions from the kreepkykes that wander around discussing antisemitism at the tops of their voices and blanking everyone they cross". And lo it came to pass.

    This whole 6 months has gone down without a glitch for TPTB. I do think though that they underestimate how much femvulgaris hates these royal blood bitches. When Clinton gets installed and they think they've completed the last bit of the current jigsaw they will discover that their 21stcentury Mass Observation STASITwattersilo has lied.

    Too many are going to go for the decapitation before divide and conquer. Oh the D&C will happen but at least it will be a clean fight to the death. Sweet.