Monday, 25 July 2016

Links 25 July '16

Putin offers to help Afghanistan against terrorists

Tory traitors looking to sell out Brexit in EU compromise deal

Republican Platform Unexpectedly Calls For A Return To Glass-Steagall

Aus TV Host: stop Muslim migration

Prince Harry: I regret not talking about my mother's death sooner (is one harbouring any resentment about that?)

MS-13 Targeting Pro-Trump Hispanics

Why Diabolical Narcissists like Hillary want to get caught

Ex-Pope Ratzinger: Turkey must stay out of Europe, it's far away from our Christian values

Something I missed - American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al Bukamal, Syria?

Shut it down!
Twitter banned Milo, this time permanently (sometimes it might take a gay jew to tell people truths that would be ignored if they were spoken by an evil badwhite cismale oppressor)
Meanwhile, Twitter does nothing as College Republican flooded with death threats. The left is demented.
"Under Jack Dorsey, $TWTR has lost $500m in under a year. Thanks to his juvenile politics, it will lose even more."
Alternatives to Twitter?

Life in a Theocracy

Women and cosmopolitans disgusted by blatant Beta Uprising
Steve King Asks: What Have Minorities Contributed To Civilization? (TRIGGERED)
Police behaved well
Leftwing puritan hypocrisy at its finest - "you fat fk"
Another fine example of American womanhood protesting the RNC
TLR interviews Trad party leader Matthew Heimbach

Haram af
Syrian refugee suicide bomber thankfully fails; kills only himself
Molyneux - Syrian Refugee Machete Attack in Germany
Refugee axe attack in Germany
So called 'child refugee' lied about being from Afghanistan as well as his age
The Hero of Nice Lives. Hallelujah!
Media doesn't want you to know about French hero...why?
Cernovich: "It's a cultural sickness that one side wants it to be a Muslim and other side wants it to be a white male."
Hungary: Mass migration and terrorism go hand in hand"

Fjordman - Terrorism and the Norwegian left

Diverse London
Five people - including a police officer - stabbed in London at three different events across the capital
Teenage girl gang raped by a group of 6ft2 f**king white males (behind the Churchill Theatre, for bitter historical irony)
Sadiq Khan: violence across London was 'fuelled by hot weather' (sweltering weekend, whew I was almost persuaded to knife some people, but then my neighbour brought me ice cream instead, that was a close one!)

Why UK police are increasingly trying to hide the identity of perpetrators of crime

The Economist (Rothschild publication) celebrates whites becoming minority in Britain ("As immigrants and their children multiply and disperse, the Britons who most dislike immigration will disappear" - nope, if you look at mixed race nations, they are the most xenophobic and racist actually, see Mexico and India for example. Either way, the cosmopolitan utopia these people want will never materialise, even if badwhites die out)

Pogrom genetics...

Good news - 82% of Americans don't consider themselves Feminists. The word has become toxic.
Bad news - most of that 82% still have absorbed feminist, Frankfurt School ideas and cultural norms without realising what they are

The crisis in science

IP law silliness - The patented “superformula” that could cause a legal headache for No Man’s Sky

WW1 Historian gives verdict on authenticity of Battlefield 1

7-Eleven clerk caught on video disarming shotgun-wielding would-be robber

Any wonder why white birth rate is so low? Women + big femstate = disaster

This world is so cruel to nice people. Be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.

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