Monday, 16 May 2016

Why I avoid the Arab-Israeli dichotomy...

A Palestinian writes to
"The first person to start the third intifada was brave Muhannad Al Halabi...who went into stabbing then shooting the Israelis in the old city of Jerusalem. His name literary translates as the sword. After him, many young people and patriotic Palestinians went to do the same. They died as heroes and they will never be forgotten. On the other hand, many Palestinians with no intention of stab attacks were brutally shot down by Israelis at different checkpoints. Video proofs show how the IDF would throw the knives onto the victim's body after the victim died. Many young Palestinians both men and women would be brutally killed this way.

Some may say that it is okay to stab Israeli military, but not okay to stab Israeli civilians. However, if you think about it, every person in Israel, man or women attends military service. In other words, the entire Israeli population has undergone military training and is ready to kill. Moreover, there are newcomer settlers that move into illegal Israeli settlements as we speak.

These settlers are the very heart of this occupation, they enjoy very sophisticated privileges and subsidies at the cost of Palestinian lives and land. The fact that they are occupying the land of people who have been driven off and killed doesn't seem to bother them, so they are no different from the cold heart IDF soldiers."
Stabby stabby, it's all justified 'cos colonialism.

(Thought about bolding part of the quotation above but I would have ended up with all of it in bold, just sums up the difference between Western and Eastern thought.)

I had been a supporter of the Palestinian cause until 2010 and the flotilla incident, where I and many other bloggers were basically hung out to dry by the leftist/Pal activists who lied about what happened - insisted there had been no violence on their part - and I believed them, supported them, then they eventually turned around and admitted they had played a part in the violent outcome (which clearly the IDF was looking for, but the people on the boat still gave it to them).

I don't like liars or fakes. More broadly, Muslims are not victims of other groups, but victimisers, through history and today. Perhaps they are victims - of their own ideology, which raises them from birth to be 'extremist'. Same goes for the Talmudists.

I think the people who believe it's a good idea to align with Islam because they are anti-Zionist, are wrong headed...most Islamic countries are really run by cryptos anyway. If Muslims can't restrict Zionist feudal control in their own countries, what hope have they in European ones? The tribe's main enemy is Christianity, and anything that eradicates Christianity is therefore useful to them, including Islam, which perhaps they feel they can control.

Incidentally the establishment controlled left also considers Christians, males, white people to be their main enemies, since other ethnic groups and women are more likely to demand an increase in state control.

Society is a demographic construct.

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