Sunday, 8 May 2016

Links - 8 May 16

Londoners elect Mayor with extremist ties (Molyneux reacts)

Bonus to leave: Norway to pay asylum seekers extra to return home

Praying for Palmyra (just imagine who Britain or America would have sent to perform) 

Liberland celebrates first year anniversary and releases cryptocurrency plans 

Spy chief appalled that American ingrates don’t want government snooping through correspondence

Germany's Gangrenous Elite

The fruits of feminism...maybe your daughter will disrespect you in public  (newsflash, most people outside of the 'liberal' suicidal west understand that this is bad daughter behaviour regardless whether she is right, and should not be praised)


Going Underground: UK elections & anti-imperialism

Hollywood a Jewish Empire

The Bright Flash of Light

Satanists Mock Killing of Unborn Children in Bizarre and Grotesque Protest

Illuminati degenerates back off from erecting Baal monument replica in London/NYC  (it has no power in and of itself, but it's all about attitude and sticking fingers up at the Almighty and truth and decency, see above)

One Man (Who Is Not A Fan Of Trump) Explains Why Trump Winning Is Good  (try, because it means ordinary white people aren't prepared to go quietly into the night as the deconstructionists wish)

Hillary's online super troll redcoats are coming

Why does God make some women with a genius level IQ if he wants all women to be homemakers?

Turkey seizes abortion clinics, oops wrong religion's building 

"White Tears"

Big Ag forces firing of long-time Farm News cartoonist

Corruption in the Time of Cholera (literally UN filth)

Windows 10 interrupts a live TV broadcast with an unwanted upgrade

Also must mention Leicester winning the PL, unbelieveable Jeff. Seriously, they have been an inspiration to me this year and part of the reason I'm back here blogging again. They exemplify many noble human qualities - tenacity, spirit, courage, disregard for the illusory power of the status quo. It makes sense why sportsmen and artists are the heroes in declining civilisations, since political and military figures have long since lost their nobility, and as a result the nation slowly drowns in a state of despair and infighting. But look kids, good things can happen.*

*yes I know about doping in me who doesn't dope, and I will be impressed. If anything it makes LC's triumph more amazing given the big money and doping power of football's royalty

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