Friday, 13 May 2016

Links - 13 May '16

Germans arrested for counter-protesting Turkish nationalist rally (add to the 9 ways Germans appease Muslims)

Leader of opposition party in Venezuela assassinated

Meet Hamza bin Laden

Facebook even suppresses mainstream conservative news stories

BBC Trust abolished .

Irony Alert - SJW Melissa Click: "I Was Fired Because I'm White"
Obama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy

Harvard Prof Urges Liberals to Treat Evangelical Christians Like Nazis

Face Paint is 'cultural appropriation'

Cowards, Go Reproduce Yourselves

Britain ‘sleepwalking to catastrophe’ over race: Trevor Phillips (wise man, knows how to keep his job. Enoch Powell was right but no-one would have believed it at the time and I still thought his speech was excessively alarmist a year or two ago, not now.)

FBI Chooses Secrecy Over Locking Up Criminals

US Prisoners being starved during Strike over Unpaid Labour...corp commie slavery? (we're all Palestinians now)

Voices for the Unborn is on fire lately...
Abortion Activists Complain About Babies Miraculously Saved After the Abortion Has Already Started
Professor Threatened Pro-Life Student with Bad Grade Because "You are Wrong"

Deep History - the creation of Al-Qaeda, Reagan, global drug trade

Hitler as controlled opposition

Ethiopia the New China?

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

The Bee Genocide

Too much protein triggers aging and cancer?
Don't Sweat It

In praise of Motherhood - the new act of Rebellion


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