Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Links 24 May '16

Austria's far-right may have lost, but only by a hair's breadth

Fracking Yorkshire (not the precious Home Counties)

Venezuela is Teetering on the Edge of Societal Collapse and Socialism is Absolutely to Blame

Anti-Christian & Racist Pope Francis Compares Jesus to Isis & tells Europe to Breed with Refugees

The EU's deal with Turkey didn't stop migration, it made it official. Now Turkey is pumping the EU for all its tax slaves are worth

Professor in EU: EU must have “an iron curtain. With barbed wire and ‘many guards'”

Israeli welfare queens say they can derive personality traits from your profile photo (“Can I predict that you’re an ax murderer by looking at your face and therefore should I arrest you?...You can see how this would be controversial.”)

NYC ‘Gender Expression’ Enforcement Proof ‘It’ Can Happen Here

Diversity = homogenity at Huffington Post editors meeting

Whitey owes $20 Trillion in Reparations! (This is mainstream 'liberal arts' academic teaching. I thought about adding #onlyinAmerica, but now am not confident to say that.) 

2 Percent of British men 18-24 identify as 'completely masculine'

Male Suicide: The Feminization of Mental Health

Brexit: The Immigration Gambit

BBC's Britflix likely dead before the ink has even dried on the news
Microsoft's new policy to ban 'terrorist' content (read: dissenting content)
China caught astroturfing social networks

China’s Population Control Police Should Be Abolished

Leaks Show Senate Aide Threatened Colombia Over Cheap Cancer Drug

This is the US Libertarian Party's 2016 VP. What Rothbard thought.

Take Your Children To See Angry Birds

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