Monday, 30 May 2016

Links 30 May '16

Sanders to Trump: Let's debate in 'biggest stadium possible'

Sex Pistol John Lydon: Blowing whistle on Jimmy Savile got me banned from BBC

CIA Vet Announces Live on RT That All Terrorist Attacks in US Are False Flags

The amazing 146.9% voter turnout in Austrian district

Monsanto GMO Causes Irreversible Infertility New Bombshell Email Reveals

Huge Feminist Psy-op in Brazil

Disfiguring tropical bug spreads from ruined Syria

Minecraft creator Notch bashes 'mansplaining', Twitter brawl ensues (this is the faux outrage)

People getting sick of Zionism...or just sick in the head courtesy of tribe-run academia? (instead of blaming others, Mr Horowitz should see the connection between his marxist brothers and the end product, the moronic students. I don't support the destruction of Israel btw, it would mean millions more jews coming to Europe and America.)

Mark Dice - Twitter threatening to shut down my account and charge me with crimes!

Good news. Mainstream cuckservatives are yielding to the new right:
The Alt-Right Can Have the GOP
Re-Tribalizing America
Rachel Marsden: Time to shove the 'free love' generation out the door

How to eject the Cult of Nice

What the Bible really says about sex and marriage

Proof that native English are lazy! (to be honest, I'm not concerned by eastern European immigration)

The Mexico Way

Islam Is Not The Problem

The Truth About Angry Birds: The Movie

How to deal with violent SJWs - retaliation or pacifism? (one thing he overlooks is, upstanding people are not really scared of feminists, cuckolds, BLM or even Islam. They are scared of repercussions from the state and the tribe that influences the state, just like it repeatedly says in the Bible.)

Female CEOs earn more than men!

Uncharted 4's women characters angered a 'sexist focus tester,' Naughty Dog says (men always flee female dominated activities - the games industry feminises at its own risk)

Who really hates?

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