Thursday, 26 May 2016

Have We Reached Peak SJW?

Has the death star run out of hydrogen?
People Are Angry With Time Magazine’s Use Of The Rainbow Flag For Trans Issues

The rainbow flag, also referred to as the gay pride flag, is widely considered representative of both the gay and the LGBT community. There is also a separate flag solely for the trans community.

But some people have referred to Time magazine’s use of the rainbow flag as “embarrassing”.

Rachel Sharp, an author from New York, re-created Time’s front cover with the transgender flag using software called GIMP. She told BuzzFeed News that “it’s critical that news outlets get it right”.

“I love that a variety of gender identities and sexual orientations are becoming more visible, more discussed, and hopefully therefore more widely accepted,” Sharp said.

“I’m cis, but I do give a damn about my trans friends getting good and correct representation. So should the cover editor at Time magazine. So should everyone.”

The author hopes this “bad misinformation” will encourage mainstream graphic designers to think more carefully.
Campaigners Are Angry About The Representation Of A Disabled Character In “Me Before You”

Those who lament the feminisation of Western Christianity are considered fringe. Girls rule, boys flee.

Meanwhile, Slate in 2011 asks: is liberal Judaism becoming too female?

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