Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Boys win when told "it's a game"

This is what got me through the state school system. Have to say, my secondary school teachers were mostly sound, but primary school was the wymynz' club and as a boy you knew you were going to be treated differently to the girls; arguably the whole curriculum is set up to favour girls, for example pointless history segments on domestic living (and the 'diversity' of Egypt, but that's another agenda) rather than what we should be learning which is the failures of the past so they are not repeated.

I never got stressed by exams as I always saw it as a game and to be honest quite enjoyed seeing the favoured (admittedly intelligent, not being mean it's not their fault) girls losing it over an exam. Some of my female teachers saw my and other boys' relative success as an inconvenience to their agenda, and we all knew it. Feminism is the cancer rotting civilisation away, it's that simple.

Teachers aren't all bad...I would like to credit one Australian teacher I had who had no time for PC and took the best boys from his maths class and gave us next year's material ahead of time. Then next year, a different teacher insisted we follow the curriculum for that year even though we'd already finished most of it :( #workdoesntpay #whytryharder

Also an honourary mention for the teacher who during a PSE (social ed) lesson shut the door and gave our all white class* a rant on the diversity agenda saying roughly "if 10 of you apply for a job and 1 is black, he's going to get it. That's just the way it is with political correctness" - you absolute shitlord, haha.

*where I live is almost all white, not because we're 14 worders (quite the opposite - labourland), but because our place isn't attractive to the economic migrants masquerading as refugees. ssssh don't tell anyone, the government really wants migrants to enrich here and Scotland but so far can't pay them enough to move here. I say fine by me.


  1. Funny thing I was yakking with a mate of mine at the weekend on this very subject amongst others. Last decade, during the time that the leader of the IE in Bloomsbury was being asked whether he just wanted young things into his programmes so he could shag them, I stuck my neb deep into the edukashun system here and had it confirmed that the lowest of the low, the ones to be discriminated against, the scum, were Anglo Saxon boys. All to be left behind.

    BTW if you think Scotland is going to escape, also part of my weekend confab, this comment from over at Savants place rang a bell. I think I've stayed on that island years ago and I'll bet the local landlord gets a big fat EU check for is new flock.

    "Here in the UK, our local councils are struggling like never before for cash. In my area there is a programme of job cuts and service cuts - we are told there is no alternative, our area just does not have any money to spare. Housing is a major problem, with locals waiting literally years for a home.

    At the end of last year, we discovered that our cash-strapped council had been the first to offer free housing to Syrian refugees on a local island with a population of only 6,500. It is a poor area, with high unemployment. 15 families were quietly moved into their new homes, with white goods etc., and given a church hall to prostrate themselves to Mecca five times a day. Across the region, school-crossing patrols and library services were cut, as well as teaching assistants, bin removals and street cleaning. Even the island's Christmas lights are unlikely to be switched on this year (maybe there's more than finance to that one). A woman living next to a refugee family was asked (by one of the new migrant liaison officers now working on the island) not to display too many Christmas decorations in case they offended her neighbours’ Muslim beliefs. Honestly. A number of new jobs have been created, despite council job cuts, to provide English lessons and translators in classrooms.

    Under a settlement programme funded by Whitehall, the families also get free heating, lighting and their council tax bills are being paid. Each adult got £200 to get by until they were given national insurance numbers, so that they could receive state benefits. A specially appointed imam is ferried from Glasgow each week to lead Friday prayers. A local supermarket sells halal meat from animals slaughtered according to rules set out in the Koran. Their kids have been given new bikes and helmets, money was raised to give them all new mobile phones, despite the fact that they already had mobiles. Locals are less than happy to see idle refugees walking and laughing all over town with branded clothing they have been given free.

    The day after they arrived, a young mother walking her children home from school was abused by a young Syrian man - he made repeated oral sex gestures at her. When she complained, the migrant liaison officers didn't want to know. A Syrian woman stopped a local woman and shouted at her to cover up her shoulders. Nobody on the island was consulted beforehand, these people were dumped on them.

    Syrians have been told not to talk to the press, and it's claimed that even officials working with migrants have been threatened with police action if they discuss migrant policy. A council official actually said, ‘There is a policy to keep the circle of those with information (about the migrants) as small as possible'. Why?"

    As I mentioned at the other shop the Syrian "cheeldren" here in Barnet have scared the shit out of their educators so much so that some have left their posts in fear of their personal safety. The Syrian "cheeldren" all arrive with a great big fat EU cheque attached and the money goes to chabadeecharidees. Sweet.

  2. Forgot to mention this in the last wordump. BTW did you see any of the Hairy Biker malarky last evening? That school was your typical "built environment" cattle shed. SERCOlike leased under PPI, blows away in the wind, award winning for iGREEN architects of all flavours so they can drive masseeev 4x4s. In a 100 pound budget, 50 quid immediately goes to the pockets of off shore criminals, 45 quid goes to the architects and 5 quid to imported thought policing staff with nothing to say. Nothing is left for pupils or students except discrimination disguised as inclusivity and endless debt.

    Have you noticed that the only persons ever discriminated against in UKplc are the inconvenient natives?

  3. This week at least two white people have said to me that Trump would be awful as US resident, not because he may be mid level illuminatus affiliated with sex abuse rings, but because he is 'racist'. How bad does it have to get for these kind of people to realise they made a mistake...

    These refugee children look suspiciously like not-refugee fighting age men to me. And perhaps giving up our guns was a mistake. But hey, what do I know? No doubt Soros will make sure his cretins are above the law and armed to the teeth. Welcome to the circus of Zooropa, racist cisgendered oppressor.

    here is more Molyneux, btw I didn't know he had gone folkish since 2011 and got quite a shock returning to his channel lol.

  4. I noticed he'd turned up again re:Khan the Cohn. You know I couldn't find a reference from Brian Akira about Molyneux being a cult drone that I was looking for to park at Katana's place. Hopefully he'll take the ever watchful hint and drop a mysanthropic line my way again, the miserable Canadian git.

    How goes it on the other alt media like twittermyitwatter?

  5. Glad you asked, Google+ is a total free for all and I'm having to pick my battles accordingly!

    I will link twitter up on this blog when I start that, the potential for wind ups is endless. Although I have found the search function to be highly censored, so that even entering the accurate name of an un-pc twitter acct will still lead to no results. Only Libyan/Syrian 'dissent' is kosher I guess.

    The most fun is on PSN. Loads of people know so much but some are still, how do you say, afflicted. I recently had a 2hr debate with a fellow Mackem who is a dedicated Marxist/Zeitgeist cultist.

    Near the end he said, "I was trying to explain this great idea [resource based economy] and you made it all about you and whether I was going to force it on you"

    To which I replied, "I made it personal so that you would see the violence at the centre of your philosophy, instead of brushing over it and saying only the insane would disagree with this wonderful idea"

    Thanks Stefan, keep teaching us! :)