Monday, 18 April 2016

"Why I Was Wrong About Atheism" - Molyneux trolls the atheists

You were expecting an anti-atheism video, instead - plot switch - you got an anti-statism video.

I know there are plenty of atheists opposed to the NWO, so it's a bit harsh to imply that atheism equals leftist statism and cultural suicide, yet he does have a point. It's almost reactionary, the conclusions he reaches in this rant are comparable to those of the pro-monarchy Dark Enlightenment types, who I will discuss at a later date.

There are three main religious groups among western opposition to globalism, those being Christian, Atheist and New Age...while I clearly endorse the first, shrug at the second and break out the silver and garlic for the third, it's more important that we all be aware of what's going on, and we can all unite around the cause of human dignity in the face of technocratic totalitarianism.

Molyneux is not your typical atheist, but this line of thought represents an interesting trend in atheist circles recently.

Are they offering an olive branch because deep down they feel Western civilisation is a) being destroyed, and b) needs Christians in order to survive? That is what it looks like to me.

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