Saturday, 9 April 2016

GCHQ and Feds struggle to find recruits due to lack of talent...and Weed

Two interesting stories from The Register here. Would you be eager to help the baddies?

GCHQ is having problems meeting Osborne's 2020 recruitment target

Spooks feel bite of general lack of cyber talent in UK – sources

Blighty's surveillance and security agency GCHQ is facing significant challenges in meeting the government's targets for recruitment over the next four years.
Last year the chancellor promised that 1,900 new recruits would be hired by the intelligence agencies by 2020 – with the lion's share expected to head to GCHQ in Cheltenham, as total “cyber spending” rises to £3.2bn (by Osborne's maths).
However, independent sources close to GCHQ have complained to The Register that the agency would struggle to land the best candidates, with one Cheltenham staffer telling us that they simply didn't know where the new talent was going to come from.

Meanwhile, in America...

Wacky 'baccy making a hash of FBI infosec recruitment efforts

Feds ponder lower inhalation thresholds for candidate

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to hire more infosec professionals to help fight cyber-crime, but can't find the people they need because there's too much weed to weed out from the talent pool.

No, really: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that FBI Director James Comey made that exact complaint in a speech delivered earlier this week.

Comey reportedly told the White Collar Crime Institute that he needs a “great work force” to compete with the black hats, but “some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview”.

This is the rulers of the country getting their just desserts for dumbing down their people in the Dewey education gulags. Fools, can you really complain about other countries getting ahead in the STEM world when your stated goal is to make the rest of us into consumerist morons barely intelligent enough to run the machines of society?

No mention of Snowden's terrorist whistleblowing having any effect on this situation, by the way. Just like the Army won't talk about their criminal wars and the effect that has on recruitment.


  1. No matter where you look there is a "talent shortage" and they are "unable to fill positions". There is always a "skills gap" and a "lack of good quality candidates".


    So in UKplc head teachers are really gulag kommandants, nurses are life terminators, police are NKVD, NGOs are CHEKA and politicians are really traitors.

    In industries where there is no perceivable lack of talent and no shortage of free cash to float the stars we get an infinite supply of dross. E.g. BBC kontrollers und ubermenshen, BAFTA and BRIT award winners.

    As for an FBI director who's name is one D notice short of a light skit, well that is just taking the piss.

  2. This is the thing though, surely the social planners have way they are going to get what they want using Chinese and Indians, never mind Russians. Some things robots will never do.

  3. It is a conundrum. Boaty McBoatface would tend to indicate a latent contra piss take still functioning in the most dumbed down herd on the planet. People instinctively know that the big red boat that we are being asked to finance through infinite longevity HTT debt is all part of the global warming scam. Scientific research vessel my arse!!

    On a separate subject do you reckon that the job websites and job recruitment companies are all a designer "tractor stats" activity? I keep hearing the one on the radio for "James Reed" and I realised that all my life I've heard these crap adverts and I know that when you stick your beak into the "market" it is all bollox. Further I would entertain the idea that all the insurance mis selling scam was a pre palnned operation for us to pay for our own unemployment. I mean how long can PPI refunding scams go on? As long as it takes to cover the destruction of UKplc utterly. That is why there are no finance/banking arrests, they were "forced/cooerced" to take on the job of rip off and then massive employment finance after collapse. It is 10 years now since it went tits up here in UKplc. PPI refunding is a crappy job creation scheme we paid for 20 years ago.

    Just a thought.

    BTW thanks for the K-Pop.