Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Truther Puritan Killjoys

The problem with Puritanism historically is that it demands far too much of the average person. Regardless whether the clergyman or community leader is a hypocrite (as they often are) in telling people they are bad if they don't abstain from whatever vice is today's target, it's just a misery inducing ideology.

I've said all along, with reference to Communists and cultural Marxists, that fighting against nature is impractical and impossible, and leads to greater suffering without anything positive gained. Humans are naturally sinful creatures up to a point, fighting that 100% is a bad idea.

The modern Puritans are mostly on the left (feminists basically), but we have some in the truth movement as well. They will tell you that TV and video games will brainwash you, that spectator sport is bad because it keeps people dumb and distracted, that porn will rewire your brain and that actual sex is OK only for married couples but you'd better not contracept as that is the devil's work.

Are these statements at least partly true? Yes. However, what I'm saying is the standard which some bloggers demand (been guilty of this myself somewhat in the past) is so out of touch with reality, it's delusional.

Let me tell you something about the video game world for those who aren't into it. There has been a huge cultural shift in the last ten years in the content, story, propaganda message in games - the public usually reject politically correct narratives and sanitised US empire-centric war tales, and while game makers are towing the party line somewhat, the end result is an interesting generation of games that are neither overtly pro- or anti-NWO but certainly cover the same topics found on truther sites.

Check out the (admittedly poor, from a critic's perspective) premise for Tom Clancy's The Division for instance. It's basically the globalists' fantasy, whoever wrote that game has serious understanding as there are little nudges and references throughout it.

I don't forget what's going on in the world just because of a football game or TV show. Certainly the flicker rate of TVs could be dangerous but is that really such a problem right now?

And don't get me started on nutritional Puritans...yeah sugar is bad for you! But even though I personally wrecked my gut and have had to resort to a very strict diet and supplement regimen to make progress (more on that some other time), for the average person this sort of extreme advice like "conventional meat is dangerous, only my exclusive grass fed organic bison hide I have flown in from Alaska* is safe" just doesn't help anyone and is sometimes a form of snobbery and moral high groundery.

Note that I've not denied vices are sinful. That is the difference between what I'm saying and what 'don't judge me, check your privilege' feminists say. Woe unto those who call evil good. We are all sinners and we all need help from the Lord ultimately, who we always choose to reject at every turn in history. Because it's easier to get on a moral high horse and beat up little people for things that don't matter that much, rather than face up to the truest and most dangerous evils in the world.

I'll probably be on the PS4 tonight. Don't judge me, check yo privilege.

* yeah that's probably not accurate, does it matter.

Truther Puritan Killjoys, the lesser known sequel to Lesbian Vampire Killers

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