Sunday, 17 April 2016

Protestor to Clinton: You're Evil and Guilty


I'm not a huge fan of Sanders but he's being cheated out of the Democratic nomination by the party, same as the Republicans are trying to rig it so Trump doesn't win.

Honestly it would never happen but I would like to see a Sanders-Trump populist campaign on a few limited issues ie economic protectionism/antiwar/let the banks fail/issue debt free currency. Said the same thing about Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich last election, although those two have far more integrity than today's choices.

Anyone really, genuinely, want Hillary for anything other than prison? Maybe feminists.

Until people get beyond this left-right thing not much is going to improve. Socialism and Fascism in practice yield similar outcomes, the differences are mostly rhetorical. Fascism isn't that bad, socialism isn't that good. They're both dour depressing command and control ways to live. Some would say necessary in certain circumstances - but then for the wannabe tyrant, any excuse will do.

Having a central bank issue currency as a debt, tax to reclaim the interest, then persistently devalue the currency and give interest free loans to big banks, would lead to extreme wealth inequality in any nation, regardless of other policy.

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