Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dutch vote against expanding EU to include Ukraine

Looks like they need to vote again after an outcome like this, it's terrible for Europe.


This can only be good news, just as our benevolent government has announced they are breaking their own rules and spending £9 million taxpayers' money to send campaign leaflets for staying in the EU to every home.

Only 30% of people actually voted though, which as a non-voter myself I find hilarious. Imagine if no-one voted in an election, the impact that would have. I know this one is more down to apathy rather than a philosophical belief in anarchism, nonetheless...

With reference to the video, here's Klitschko with his CIA/Disney wife Hayden Panettiere. Celebrities are great people aren't they. Was it fun stirring up Nazi groups in Ukraine to kill ethnic Russians?

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