Sunday, 24 April 2016

Questioning my own relevance, and that of the blog world today

There was a time a few years ago where I was on the sharp end of the blade in terms of the ideological revolution against globalism. Not trying to be egotistical but it was cool. Hopefully I helped wake a lot of people up as well as myself.

Now though, I return* to find things have changed...for the better! Everywhere on blogs, twitter, youtube, there are libertarians and the (new to me) alternative right telling the (trans)humanist degenerates where to go. I think to write a blog post and find someone else has already done it in exactly the way I was going to. This is fine. But I am not content with being a rusty shank so it's back to the drawing board, hence the slowdown of postage here.

Also it seems the world of twitter/facebook/google/youtube comments is a far more effective way to spread ideas these days, maybe with the rise of smartphones/tablets, I don't know. Blogging in the old way seems to have taken a backseat, which could be a bad thing depending on how censored social networks may be, but nonetheless is a reality right now. So I will post more comments on google+ and youtube since it's a more efficient use of my time, and blog less.

Peoples' brains are wired for ten word pithy thoughts anyway.

* yes I know this whole post makes me sound old. I'm 25 ffs...


  1. oh my goodness- just 25!
    A world with just ten word sentences is not a world for me
    Particularly when I think of the importance of each word and language in general.
    don't despair :)

  2. Thanks. I'll be alright haha. Still a bit guilty for not contributing more, that's all. The control freaks are getting a pasting all over the internet especially with my generation and Memes.