Sunday, 24 April 2016

Links - 24 April 16

Chelsea Clinton: Now that Scalia’s Gone We Can Enact Gun Control

Boris Johnson mocks Obama's intervention in Brexit debate

Doctors risking their lives to expose cancer causing vaccines

Iran alleges US continuing to covertly support ISIS - what do you believe? Little doubt in my mind, remember this and this.
related - the Kurdish connection

Palestinian Christians being wiped off the map by Muslim rulers and Zionist terror state

Daily Mail doesn't want Swedes to know too much about murder case

Young White Women Are Killing Themselves More Than They Used To

Germans aged 20-35 minority in their own country by 2020

Interesting post by FN on activism/passivism. I'm not a monarchist or truly right wing but that and the follow ups are must reads.

Study: religion as a means to assure paternity

Vigilant Citizen on the new James Bond movie 'Spectre'

ESPN fires Curt Schilling over transgender comments (unlikely story, but during a brief fad of watching baseball in my teenage years, I actually saw the Bloody Sock game. Imagine one of these PC fannies dealing with a tenth of that pain, you can't, and that's why western civilization is finished in this iteration...something more aggressive, at the pleb level, will replace it sooner or later.)

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