Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Un-Cucking Libertarianism...a little

Keith Farrell writes:
"Libertarianism has an identity problem. The movement is a disparate collection of various ideological views which sometimes share common political goals. When it comes to trashing the two party system or pointing out the ideological inconsistencies of conservatives and liberals, libertarians are united. But when it’s time to define how libertarian philosophy should shape real-world political policy or unite behind a candidate, libertarians scatter in a hundred directions. Such is to be expected from a movement of proud individualists.

The truth is liberty is a rare thing in this world; it has only ever existed where men were willing to kill to establish and protect it.

Too often, however, these various factions then deride the others as pseudo libertarians. More and more it seems libertarians are focused on being ideological gatekeepers rather than having a real effect on national discussion or policy. I have struggled with the libertarian label because I refuse to allow others to draw lines limiting my opinions and in doing so I have often been accused of being a pseudo libertarian...

...It’s time for a pro-defense, pro-America contingent of libertarianism to start speaking up and defining itself. Yes, we want to protect individual liberty and yes, we want the government out of our lives and out of the affairs of private business, but we also know that freedom is remarkably rare in this world and the flame of liberty must be guarded vigilantly. Libertarians need to come to terms with the time we live in, the real world situations our country faces, our international commitments, and accept that America is a world leader. The question is how do we lead? The answer is clear: with the principles of liberty and human dignity as our guide."

This is what I tried to illustrate here. Liberty is not a means of political action, it is an end - and a desirable end at that. But it cannot occur if the means are not present - a culture and population that is willing to defend it. No use talking about "muh principles" if everyone else is playing collectivist identity politics.

American Libertarians - your principles are fine, except within a generation, you are going to be outnumbered and thus outvoted forever by La Raza Socialista. Deal with it. Or, deal with it. Your choice.

you think they're saying "Trump's collectivist generalisations about immigrants are against our individualist worldview and his proposed border restrictions are a violation of the non-aggression principle"? OR..."Me azteca, you gringo, this Mexico now, you lose"?

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