Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The autist who would be John Wilkes Booth

So I ask, is anyone going to hold the left/#NeverTrump responsible for their violent rhetoric giving rise to this terrorist? Glenn Beck included?

Bizarre story. I expect Americans will giggle at the place name, Dorking.

Briton accused of trying to kill Donald Trump was a Robot Wars obsessive

The young British man accused of attempting to assassinate Donald Trump at a Las Vegas rally was a highly intelligent schoolboy who was ‘obsessed’ with the television series Robot Wars.

Michael Sandford, 20, who suffer from a form of autism, is alleged to have tried to grab a police officer’s gun in a bid to kill Trump, the hugely controversial Republican candidate for President.

He told police he had plotted to assassinate the Republican candidate for a year. He had taken shooting lessons in recent days, and had believed he would die during the bid.

Sandford, from Dorking in Surrey, bought robots which had appeared in the Robot Wars television programme, and rebuilt them for live roadshows linked to the event.

It is claimed that in 2014, at about the time he is thought to have travelled to the US, he suddenly decided to sell his collection.

Investigators will try to establish whether the sale of the robots funded his trip to America.

It came as his father Paul Davey disclosed that he had raised concerns with the US authorities over his son's wellbeing. Sandford had travelled to the US over a year ago to be with his girlfriend but had become increasingly hard to reach.

Photographs of his bedroom at his father's home in Havant, Hampshire, showed a room covered in camouflage netting with toy guns on the wall.

Mr Davey insisted his son would 'never harm a fly' and even suggested Sandford may have been influenced or even radicalised and 'put up' to trying to kill Trump.
btw I quite like Robot Wars too, just saying #NotAllRobonuts

Tinfoil thoughts that could be related:

Another three namer; Lee Harvey Oswald, Anders Behring Breivik, Michael Steven Sandford.

Autism is a useful thing for the social planners/military, since autists have other forms of intelligence, without the social intelligence that makes normal people difficult to manipulate. Many speculate that promoting autism spectrum disorders is an aim of the vaccine industry, rather than merely a side effect.

When Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated, globalist GHWB was ready to take his place like (((traitor))) LBJ took that of John F. Kennedy. Trump should for his own safety pick a VP who is as repulsive to the one-worlders as he is.

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  1. Tinfoilhat tinfoilpants ON.

    Whooaaaa, whadyamean "sold"? I watched that programme where the geezer shagged(alchemical transgendertranhumanist meme) the tasty robot too! The plastics want freedom and statute book rights. Trump is so plastic he's moving into their gender space. I also know that Tom Selleck had one hell of a bother shooting the critters way back when his maaseeev moustache stalked the TV Magnumstyleee.

    I think he released the machines and they are on mission right now.

    PS How come the clown looks like he'd be a reject from If(2015)?

    Foil OFF.

    I'm off for a sherb.