Monday, 27 June 2016

Links 27 Jun '16

The New Censorship   

Twitter uses bots to suppress pro-Trump content   

Here’s Why Hillary Won’t Allow Her Corporate Speeches to Be Published

Clinton: Illegal immigrants keep U.S. 'younger and fresher' (but don't encourage your own people to reproduce to make your country younger and fresher, you have to import others)

Oil and gas industry dumping toxic fracking waste into public water treatment

The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

Shooting at cinema in Germany, no one killed except perpetrator, who was "definitely not Islamist"
German police have history of covering up identity and motives of criminals

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape—Should You, Too? (I have, since 2010)

(((Moscovici))) lol. article below.
Merkel: other countries must be stopped from leaving. Halt!
Could Brexit burst the property bubble in London?
Journalist wishes referendum had happened just a few years later ('if only old white ppl would just die')
Black man: 'I Was Called Racist For Handing Out Leave Leaflets'
Smug Canadian leftist says if only Britain was more 'diverse', vote would be different
Rotherham voted 68-32 to leave
"That's it...I'm moving to Israel"

Blowback: pro-'refugee' activist attacked in Germany

"Muslims are not violent, so shut up or we'll kill you"

Women are subject to completely different laws to men

Is this not abuse? Lesbian ‘Gender Non-Conforming’ Couple Tries to Force Son to Have ‘Queer’ Gender Relationship

Gender equity can cause sex differences to grow bigger

Anti-fat shaming video for JC Penney. Prepare to barf

Youtube delete critical comments on lgbt video

Professors investigated for presenting opposing viewpoints

Christmas vacations and telling a woman “I love your shoes!” are “microagressions

Creator of Dilbert: Why Gun Control Can’t Be Solved in the USA

(((Reporter’s))) Attempt to Purchase Assault Weapon: Denied

Drone Photography Reveals How Apartheid Shaped South African Cities

It was OK for Sarah Silverman to say her people killed Jesus and she would do it again, but this is Horriffic!

Keep this in mind the next time someone says 'Judeo-Christian Values'

Anti-Trump troublemaker expresses disdain for her 'white allies'

Violence against Hispanics in New York

Bernie supporters lol

The "but it's not Real Socialism" line

Irish fans sing lullabies to French baby on Bordeaux train


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