Monday, 27 June 2016

Anti-Fascist Fascists Attack Protest; Get Stabbed

MEDIA SAYS: 'clashes', 'violence broke out' 

REALITY: hundreds of violent left wing thugs shut down <40 man nationalist demonstration. Police stand and watch. NO leftists arrested!

You know when they say that 'violence happened', but don't say who started it, the inconvenient fact is the left/globalists did. If it had been the other way around the identity of the perpetrators would be the headline.

Clash at California capitol leaves at least 10 injured

"I despise hate and intolerance, it shouldn't be allowed, can me and my gang of 10 including undercover cops educate you on tolerance Mr Ciswhite Scum?"
What is unusual here is, oh noez, they hit back. Evil people, you can't hurt the sacred precious left-internationalist who is attacking you!!

It's hypocritical how Breitbart calls this group 'neo Nazi', while at the same time admitting no identified Nazis actually attended. For comparison, Communists regularly attend anti-war demonstrations. Do we call these, 'Communist protests'? No. Because that would be silly and distract from the purpose of the demonstration. Calling these groups 'Nazi' is a ploy to marginalise legitimate concerns about globalisation and mass population replacement. Much of the (good-ish) left is also concerned about globalisation.

Even though I might not agree with every political stance of this group, it really doesn't matter. We could have an interesting debate on various issues, no doubt. If white fascists actually rose to power, I might be in danger as a dissenter. But that is hypothetical.

What is real today is, globalists Do want to destroy western civilisation and Do have an army of leftist SJW morons who want to shut down any debate on the key issues of our time.

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(to anyone who may object to my use of the word 'fascist' to describe the antifa, yes globalism is a fascist ideology - it's just that the race it 'exalts or promotes' isn't yours.)

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