Friday, 17 June 2016

Jo Cox Killer Didn't Shout "Britain First". Media Spins "Brexit Gunman" Narrative

"These are the dirty tricks the establishment will pull not to lose power.

The killer of Jo Cox was reportedly known to be mentally ill and taking meds, those who knew him said he was apolitical, and at least one witnesses quoted as saying the killer shouted "Britain First" says he said nothing of the sort."
Eyewitness: "never heard [Britain First]."

Breitbart page
Aangirfan: Mysterious death of Jo Cox MP

The trustworthy (((Southern Poverty Law Center))) say they have evidence of him buying books on improvised firearms, explosives from a white nationalist site. Their continued existence largely depends on the idea that legions of 6'0 blue eyed Christian killers are out there just waiting to unleash mayhem.

I'm not sure what this was or who benefits at this point. Do the Remain campaign get any support out of this? The papers are all running with the Brexit Killer angle, so they apparently think there is political capital to be had.

Forgive me if I'm not shedding a tear over this. "Pro 'refugee', pro globalism politician gunned down", how sad. Not. For precious people who think that is cold, look at the violence their 'caring' policies have unleashed..and which they couldn't give a shit about.

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