Friday, 24 June 2016

Good Morning.

Just wow. Genuinely didn't expect this result!

Bet a Rothschild somewhere made a shitload on the markets tonight. Shades of 1812.

Something that really pissed me off watching the politicomaggots on BBC/ITV was when they accepted the assertion that "Cameron had made a mistake" in "allowing" a referendum. Can't have the plebs inputting their own impure thoughts into our perfect squared Machiavellian world now, can we.

A funny side note is that the Islamic Republic of Birmingham voted to leave...I heard they were concerned about the Polish immigration. (not a joke)

This is the only time I've voted except for UKIP in EU elections. Boris Trump will get the credit but really it belongs to this man.

Nigel Farage says Leave win marks UK 'independence day'

Weird really, what happens next? You know the weasels are going to be weaseling hard to find some sort of get-out from the get-out - but it's okay to enjoy a good result like today. Genuine rejection of globalism by a majority of the people.


  1. The benefits to LonCy just keep rolling on. they now have another "crisis" to hide the theft of everyone's pension money. More cuts on the way. Blame it on yourselves you UKabo bastards.

    Also expect to see the race war, antiEuropean, crank up now that only poorUKabos will be collecting shopping trolleys around TCohen's super stores, the death walk. Our new vibrants will simply do a Calcutta and walk on by the stiffs littering the car parks there, we deserved it.

    As that creep from the Paedea inst. keeps telling us we are going to get multiculti whether we like it or not. And jews will be resented for it. Well to decode that swill all she's saying is that the jew bankers are going to give free cash to the vibrants and only the vibrants, the UKabos will get 2000% sunny loans and death. It is race replacement by the same freaks as in Rome all over again.

    1. Incoming you cynic, can't just be all cheery on a good day can you haha.

      Unfortunately the pension theft has already happened and the demographic impossibility of paying off the baby boomers as promised, doesn't help. Short of actually seizing international banker assets as compensation, nothing will change that.

      (The one disappointing thing from this vote is how many Scots and Irish voted for remain. Bribery from London and Brussels has made Scotland weak imho. #MakeTheCeltsGreatAgain)

      Clear the Tower of Babel one floor at a time. Honestly I never thought people would get to a point where they would vote to leave the EU. This will empower other Europeans, and hopefully, further rejections of the globalist plan.