Monday, 13 June 2016

Links 13 Jun '16

Shooting in Orlando
Witness describes second shooter, accomplice blocking door
Aangirfan: Orlando Shooting False Flag?
Milo says Islam is greatest threat to Western Civilisation...yeah, greatest external threat, there is an (((internal threat))) that is far Greater
The Orlando Shooting and Islam (9/11 wasn't an Islamic attack, but many Muslims did cheer it thinking it was)
"Sadly this will only increase gay entitlement"
Facebook pretends nothing has happened
(((Werleman))) says Islam has only been violent for 20
The "inconsistency" of the Left being both pro-LGBT and pro-Islam is resolved when you realize at base it's just anti-Western-civilization.
VD: Yet another Magic Dirt fail
Too soon?
This is really how Black people are when we hear about a Mass Murder­čśé

"Far Right" challenges Austrian election result (apparently it's "far right" to be against ethno-cultural dissolution of Europe)

Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish (it's anudda shoah)

EU Politicians: Europe needs Russia more than ever
Life in rapefugee-welcome Germany...
Being Mugged by Reality is Not Enough
German Finance Minister says closing borders would lead to 'incest' (remember, no matter how inaccurate and opposite to reality it may be, 'inbred' is code for 'white' here. Maybe one day it will be illegal to be 'inbred'. Unless you are one of (((those people))) of course. Western Europeans are actually less inbred than Eastern or 3rd worlders. Extreme outbreeding is also unhealthy.)
Fines for online hate speech can run into €1,000s
“Today, we are tolerant, and tomorrow strangers in their own country” - AfD deputy
Gedeon makes Judaism as "inner" and Islam as "external" enemy of the "Christian West"
Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”
Peter Brimelow On The Immigration Election
Whither the Shards of America? --- It’s Us, or Them (must read rant. "white people are really nice, until they're really not" - Molyneux.)
Cucked Protestant Church: White People are Racist ‘No Matter What’
Boy Wins Honors In Girls All State Track and Field
Baby Bust: US Fertility Rate Unexpectedly Drops to Lowest on Record
US Taxpayers paid out $3 billion in vaccine damages - drug companies exempt

Sweet innocent Palestinian kids practice their anti-Zionist activism (remember, they will leave non-Muslim goys alone if you explain how much you supported the BDS movement and open borders)

The shady world of NATO's "Rebels": Kurdish ( Syrian) FSA commander died in Manbij
Hilarious Project Fear article: Imagine Europe in chaos, and freedom just an empty slogan
It's England's Brexit (I'm a little disappointed in the Celtic nations tbh. If independence is a good thing for all, and I believe it is, then Scots and Welsh should support England's independence also. No-one is independent while in the EU.)
Pro-Remain MPs could trigger 'constitutional crisis' by using Commons majority to keep Britain in the EU after Brexit vote (keep voting until you get it right serfs)
State shill sort of admits: Our own bad habits have brought Britain to the brink of Brexit
Euroscepticism on rise in Europe, poll suggests
Your comms metadata is super-revealing but the law doesn't protect it

Android users: Google may be recording everything you say

Twitter recently purged certain un-PC accounts #IStandWithHateSpeech

The Dependent celebrates shutting down Britain First stall in the name of tolerance

Martin O'Neill's "homophobic" gaffe (I agree he should have Roy Keane lolz)

Dalrock on the myth of Amelia Earhart and why men don't stoop to feminists' level

Comedian Booed on Talk Show After Claiming Abortion is “Cool”

Makow: Why women aren't getting loved

Does the Bible forbid Christian woman bloggers from teaching other women the Bible?

AirBnB reveals most people are quiet and polite segregationists

Free Northerner says Colour is a social construct (hey that's a better version of my argument from 2010 lol. There's only one colour, rainbow colour!!)

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