Friday, 5 May 2017

Sargon: The Brexit Election

It is true that the media and establishment hates Corbyn though. He is anti-Zionist and likes the more reasonable factions in the middle east. I have defended Corbyn as he is a (commie-) peoples' choice, not a groomed globalist shill, and it's obvious he doesn't get fair coverage in the media.

That doesn't mean I like his views on other things - perhaps a rant is in order about why the standard model of the left in Britain is now fatally outdated and outflanked by globalism.

Trade union fanaticism is so 1970. Feminism has effectively doubled the workforce, skewing the market fatally in favour of the employer. Robots are stealing your jobs (if you strike, we automate) and the other issue crushing the working class is immigration, which the left adores as it will finally snuff out racism once and for all, like in South Africa. Hence the left is irrelevant as it stands, and will only become more so if they cannot adjust.

Oh, and have you ever thought (11:30) maybe Mao did more good than bad? This is the cutting edge of political thought.

The result of the general election will be a resounding win for the Tories, which I cannot believe I would ever see as a positive. In any case, Theresa is the establishment choice to negotiate Brexit, so that is what will happen. Hopefully the Scots will be canny and wait until Brexit is done before making noises about independence again.

Leave the party early, leave with no regrets

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