Sunday, 7 May 2017

Fun with the Political Simulator - Restore the West scenario

How would you solve the problems of a western European country? Suppose, for whatever reason, some lunatic put you in charge of policy in Britain, France, Germany etc. Basically, you're Steve Bannon, or what Steve Bannon should have been if the deep state didn't more or less oust him.

This is what I decided to pick, taking into account the situation. It isn't what I would call ideal, but it's intended to be a solution for the West's ills right now.



There is no constitution. Scary.

Direct democracy is also terrifying. Who will represent us and tell us what we really mean?

Isolationist foreign policy. We're not ready to retake Constantinople yet.

The state religion of course is Christianity. It built Europe, it's not going away.

There is no legal death penalty for treason or war crimes, lol.

Immigration is extremely restricted and crucially, there is no path to full citizenship. China style.

Females everywhere rejoice inwardly as feminism is over.

Abortion and euthanasia are fully outlawed, no exceptions. They are disgraceful. Doctors should stick to the Hippocratic Oath.

Vices, while degenerate and hated by those who don't participate in them, are all legal as long as they are kept behind closed doors. Notice there is no 'decriminalisation'...I hate these kind of police shakedown rackets.

Absolutely unrestricted ownership of conventional military hardware. I wouldn't stop at rifles.

Taxpayers and teachers celebrate as education is fully privatised and the national curriculum is scrapped. Nighty night commie professors.

Agricultural funding ended, so we can stop the onslaught of subsidised wheat and other shitty grains destroying our wellbeing. Suck it Kellogg.

There is no central bank, ha! Austrian economics has been implemented as much as can reasonably be achieved within the bounds of human biodiversity and other limitations of reality.

No consumption or income taxes, yet the obligations of the state are funded by a combination of oil money, import tariffs, a corporate tax* and a (((capital gains))) tax. ;)

Welfare cut to a bare minimum, yet somehow we can still afford a reasonable subsidy for private healthcare, and a modest pension for our beloved seniors.

I don't think this is unrealistic, except for the notion that I would be in a position to make these decisions. And that the person trying to implement this program wouldn't be killed straight away and the assassin supported by about 51% of society. But I tried to make it a workable plan.

So yeah, put me in charge of a country, what could go wrong. I'm sure you could do better.

*I'm still raging - it didn't let me abolish corporate legal status and intellectual property.

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