Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Truth About 'Refugees' - Paul Joseph Watson (+ Stealing Flowers From Manchester Memorial)

Good video to share with people who aren't ready to walk out of the politically correct prison just yet.

What PJW is struggling to avoid, is that yes it really is about genetics and human biodiversity. People with higher testosterone and lower IQ are more aggressive and violent (or less restrained, ie civilised, if you prefer).

And 'equality' neither exists, nor did it have anything to do with the success of the West in 1450-1950.

Diverse approaches to commemorating terrorism

Meanwhile, here is a cool clash of culture! One person's culture says that items left at a memorial should be respected, while another's says that when opportunity knocks, it would be rude not to answer! (the kafirs won't even cut your hand off here, weak!)

Who is right? The great thing about Diversity is, there is no right answer.

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