Sunday, 4 June 2017

London Far More Peaceful Than Kabul, Ignore The Haters

Sure, you might have seen there was a brief happening yesterday in The Greatest City In The World™. Part of being in a vibrant modern city.

But since you are all racist and only care about terrorism if white people die, you probably didn't notice that two misunderstood youths blew themselves up in Kabul on the same day.
At least seven people have been killed and more than 119 wounded in three separate explosions at a high-profile funeral in Kabul, the third attack in four days in the Afghan capital.

Of course, we can envy cities like Kabul for their incredibly vibrant culture. Perhaps someday London or Paris will enjoy the privilege of being so enriched.

We could achieve this by increasing the number of Afghans. (Can you believe this blatant racism? Bigoted Germans not giving free language classes to Human Beings based on the colour of their skin.)

At the moment, the melting pot that is London is merely simmering. If we increase the number of Afghans, perhaps one day soon we will see Kabul culture on display in our cities, which everyone agrees must happen.

PS I'd rather write about something other than terrorism and the Kalergi plan, but it's kind of impossible to avoid at the moment. Bilderberg happened this week and maybe Corbyn could win the GE, which I doubt (polls always magically skew left), but it would be funny at least in terms of foreign policy and his views on Israel.

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