Thursday, 8 June 2017

Final Thoughts on the Election, Platforms, and what the Alt Media is saying

The terrorism has not helped Theresa May's cause. I understand why people would say that...terror often leads the masses to vote for a right wing or authoritarian regime. Let me present the opposite case:

Firstly, she is the PM right now, so any suggestion that she isn't able to control the situation (this is how 100 IQ people think, as though the Leader could somehow stop the tide itself) reflects badly on her.

Secondly, in case you didn't notice, she is a woman (take note Hillary "let's nuke the Rooskies" Clinton). In times of war, the public is likely to favour a male/authoritative candidate, regardless of their political stance. Corbyn may be a hippie but he is still a man and can be surprisingly authoritative at times.

Speaking of the media, yes they have been out to get Corbyn ever since he was elected leader of his party, for much the same reasons as with Bernie Sanders in the USA. However, as I said recently, the media has actually been batting for Corbyn in the run up to voting day.

(This is typical British establishment behaviour, as they always want the election to be close - although there is an outside possibility that they know Corbyn is ahead and are preparing a retreat based on that, as happened with Brexit. I don't believe this but it is possible.)


- Conservatives have the standard 'Anglo-American Establishment' foreign policy (supporting ISISrael and Saudi Arabia while complaining about Assad and Putin, the real villains in all this). Labour under Corbyn has potentially a much better foreign policy. As leftists usually do.

- Conservatives support austerity. I agree, basically. Labour say they oppose austerity, although in practice they haven't always kept to that.

- Conservatives want to reintroduce grammar schools. I support this. Labour want to abolish selective education entirely.

- Conservatives, after the terrorism, want to censor the internet further to crack down on 'extremists', meaning white people angry about islamic attacks. I despise this. Labour are against this.

- Labour defends Mao-sympathising antiwhite bigot Diane Abbott.

- Conservatives are the party of the homopedo elite.

- Both parties say they support the Brexit vote but will probably try to reverse it somehow.

- Neither party will do anything about immigration and Islam, but Labour are openly in favour of both.

- Both parties believe in having a Rothschild central bank, a fiat debt currency, corporate legal status and intellectual property.

I don't think Corbyn actually supports Brexit. What I would say is that his non-stance on the issue comes from the fact that his hardcore supporters in former industrial areas were also an important part of voting to Leave the EU. In other words, much of his base (which he needs as he is sort of an outsider) would have turned on him if he campaigned for Remain.

As to the poll numbers - generally polls skew left, perhaps because leftists write them, perhaps because right wing people are more likely to hide their beliefs when talking to a lefty poll hack; and left leaning cosmopolitan types are probably more likely to answer a poll anyway. The reason doesn't matter too much, polls generally have been unreliable.

To end, I'm not a centrist or in favour of apathy, but I just didn't see anyone to vote for or how it would help us in this election.

Perhaps it comes down to, who do you want to annoy more?

Corbyn would be funny. No one can deny this.

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