Sunday, 5 February 2017

The (Short Lived) Triumph of the Technocrats

"No wonder the Liberal Establishment is freaking out: they’ve failed. Despite their multiple degrees, they are ignorant. Despite their confidence in “we’re the best and brightest,” The economy inhabited by the bottom 95% has stagnated, and all t
he wars of choice run by the technocrats have become unwinnable quagmires (despite Rummy’s claim that “we don’t do quagmires”).

Even worse, “lesser beings” (i.e. the rest of us) are challenging their central planning power, which they view as their birthright / entitlement. Here’s the Liberal Establishment’s view in a nutshell: How dare they challenge our power? The reality that “lesser educated” people actually have a better grasp of the real world than Technocrats is simply unacceptable to the Liberal Establishment Technocrats.

We cannot advance until we dump the Technocrat Class and decentralize the power that the Liberal Establishment happily concentrated into the hands of corporate cartels and the central state."

Read the Atlantic piece from October's an interesting history of how leftism has been bastardised in the West since the early 20th century. I'm not a leftist but acknowledge we need a sane, grass roots left wing to challenge certain state actions (ie useless wars), and the dangers of concentrated wealth. Don't get me started on the Chicago school cretins...

Come to think of it, this illustrates how Urbanism is the real problem, and Agrarianism the real solution, not necessarily left or right wing. Look at the disgusting forms of left/right politics that our rich urban campus elites have spawned. Neocon, Third Way, Social Justice...rural people (aka 'dirt people') just have a more reality based perspective than their urban cousins. (No triple parentheses here, I'm talking about white people - who wouldn't be so easily brainwashed by skype professors etc if they were grounded in reality to begin with.)

The one part I disagree with that article on? Yes, everything the 60s generation 'accomplished', has to go! Everything.

(note - while looking for the right pic for this post, I stumbled upon a prescient old SWPL entry...also I'm not really attacking people who do yoga, except kundalini which is satanic. It's a good exercise I guess. It just symbolises the upper middle class white people who were 'horrified' by Trump and Brexit, who preach Diversity and Internationalism while being rich enough to avoid the negative consequences themselves.)

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