Friday, 24 February 2017

Molyneux on Milo Controversy

Probably not the best choice to listen to on your phone in public.

I find it difficult to get on board with manufactured media outrage, no matter how substantial the basis for that outrage may be.

Milo is one of the victims of the pedo establishment. Then again, I suppose so was Michael Jackson. Abuse is a generational thing; today's victims are often tomorrow's perpetrators, although there is no evidence this is the case regarding Milo.

Buggery and paedophilia* are a part of the British establishment they don't want other nations to see, especially Americans**; but one can observe some of the comments made on TV (QI) by Stephen Fry for instance, and how he feels about the aesthetic of young boys. But he's OK to do that for some reason. This really is the paedo nation. Milo is just another casualty of that.

* yes there are correlations between the two.

** because if normal, Harry Potter-banning, Bible believing Americans realised what a bunch of church-burners they had been fighting to protect in 2 world wars, they would have revolted.

offtopic, but right wing populist memes usually contain spelling errors, due to the low iq/socio-economic status of the people who typically make them. This doesn't automatically make such people wrong. Don't look down on the poor.
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