Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Will Trump release "humanity evolving technology"?

Most people would probably listen to this and react like: "he's gone off the deep end, what a madman".  

But they don't know about this for instance:   

It is ambitious to think that America's or the West's establishment is suddenly going to turn around and say "ok fine, we've been hoarding this tech for so long now you can have it". Let's be realistic. If Trump helps some of these technologies to get out and benefit the public it would be great.

[In completely unrelated news, I can't find the documentary I saw around 2014, about alt cancer treatment in Europe, I think it was in Switzerland but can't be sure. They interviewed a bunch of people getting ultrasound therapy at a special clinic where apparently only the Elysium class go, although one of them was a black woman so maybe plebs are allowed these days. If you know what that is then please help find it? My fault for not remembering its name, it's the best video to show people because there is no showmanship or lecturing or sperging, just people getting cured. Maybe it got wiped from youtube etc.]

BTW, if someone is coming over all sceptical when you talk about suppressed technology, remind them about the 'UFOs' which really aren't such a mystery. What if the biggest secret of the alien stuff is that it's not alien at all, but purely human, and actually quite boring?

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All this reminds me of the medieval times when elites kept the Bible, and reading in general, from the public. They wanted to keep the population poor and stunted forever, then the printing press came along and dirt people were able to find out the truth for themselves, not have it filtered by a corrupt establishment. During feudal times the English elite used to feed their subjects turnips to keep them alive, but just barely - today we have pharmaceuticals and frankenfood, I guess. History doesn't repeat but it rhymes. We need a new renaissance to free everyone from this agenda of global feudalism.

(and we will win in the end, because trying to hoard scientific progress for yourself is retarded and will always fail eventually.)

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