Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wow just wow, it's the Donald

Thank you to all Americans who voted for peace and anti-globalism.

Alex Jones was the appropriate link since it's basically his doing over the last 20 years. This trumps Brexit in my opinion, and Brexit was a great day. (even if the devious jewdges are trying to spoil it.)

I had my doubts watching the false confidence of the TV anchors expecting a Hillary win, but as with Brexit, the smile was wiped from them hour by hour. It's the only time I want to watch mainstream media, haha, their miserable faces. (Also, be sure to enjoy the tears of political know-nothings who are upset about feels yadda yadda etc.)

Deliver us from evil, that's all I could think of the night before. This was a shitty day for me, I got back from my grandfather's funeral before the polls started to close. Not this *and* four years of Killary on the same day, I begged. Lo and behold, we have been blessed. It has snowed overnight, very rare in November here. Don't believe in the Lord? Why not! Today is remarkable.

...of course, electing an alpha reality star cannot solve the problems of globalism, but it's one step forward, and more to the point, it's not bloody Hillary. White people won something, again!

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