Sunday, 20 November 2016

Social Trust

"Robert Putnam of Harvard became an academic celebrity in 2000 with his book, Bowling Alone, which argued that society is in dire straits because so many community attachments are breaking down. Americans are increasingly mobile and isolated, with few group affiliations. Prof. Putnam wants to bring back what he calls “social networks,” because he says they make people happy, contribute to democracy, help rear children, and make the economy run better.

He later analyzed census and survey data to find out what role racial diversity plays in all this–whether it deepens attachment to community or further atomizes people. To his dismay, he found that racial and ethnic diversity destroys trust in neighbors and institutions..."
"With forces like religious radicalisation and growing diversity posing a risk to Singapore's hard-won social cohesion, the work of building mutual trust between communities must not let up" - image source (apparently it's a problem yet the Chinese have a steady-ish 75% majority, nothing compared to what's going on in Europe and the USA.)

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