Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Demographics of Trump's Victory

Welcome to the future America and Europe. Park your ideology at the door, it's not required.

The only surprise to me is that white women didn't totally betray their men like what happened in Austria earlier this year. A lot of, well earned, bad things have been said about American women across the blogs I read for years. They did OK here, not completely voting in line with their men but I was concerned they were going to spoil the day entirely and they didn't, so kudos for that. Maybe the round shaming they get from the blogosphere has had a positive effect, or maybe they just wanted fifty shades of Donald, who knows.

I am of the belief that limiting government is almost impossible with women voting (Ron Paul would never win like Trump), so the best thing possible in such an environment is an authoritarian who at least might be on your side. Just in case you were wondering how I reconcile my mostly libertarian views with this election.

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