Monday, 15 August 2016

Links 15 Aug '16

Here’s Why Wages Have Stagnated–and Will Continue to Stagnate

Clinton Strategist: “Kill Julian Assange — A Dead Man Can’t Leak Stuff”

Jewish Labour donor accuses hard-Left of threats and slams Jeremy Corbyn's team as 'Nazi stormtroopers'

VD: the Alt-Right is beginning to drive the public discourse

UN Plans to Punish Meat-Eaters with “Fat Tax” (herbivores are less confrontational, therefore easier to rule over.)

New e-mails show Huma munching for Hillary

Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich Was Wikileaks DNC Source

More Endearing Violence

Man 'injured by harpoon' during riot on Corsica beach after tourist takes photo of woman in burkini

75-Year-Old White Male, who started “Stumping for Trump” bus tour in Alabama, Murdered by Black Male

“Yeah they white, get they ass!” - Milwaukee Rioters

“That’s not what America is about,” Khairul Islam, 33, a local resident told the Daily News. (do tell, what is America about exactly?)

Today's education: Ahmadiyyans are a minority sect of Islam who don't believe in violence. Other Muslim sects consider them apostate and kill them. (

Austrian mayor says his town has had enough of migrants carrying out sexual assaults as locals discuss setting up vigilante patrols to deal with the problem

always the same... source
Daughter admits inventing rape allegations against her father based on Fifty Shades of Grey to 'teach him a lesson'

Feminist legal prowess: "arrest first, investigate later" in rape cases (but not in Rotherham lol)

Are women competing with Porn?

For the Olympians crying and getting all upset over getting a medal other than gold, I say this - get over yourselves already, you look pathetic. It's an achievement to be at the Olympics at all; yes you work hard in largely unrecognised sports, but most of you get government funding so it's not like you're poor. Greg Rutherford in particular, you were gushing like an absolute fanny and you still got a medal. Sometimes the other guy will do better than you, you're not entitled to gold every time, sheesh! Compare to KJT's mature reaction to finishing 6th.

Study finds Antarctica has been cooling since 1990s

Smack my atheist up

Talk show host: homeless people being murdered for their organs (IDK, but it's so potentially lucrative that nothing would surprise. flashback)

Media outlets deny Planned Parenthood sold aborted baby parts

Been following this - these guys hunt down paedos online. It seems they are having an effect.

Ruling class outraged over Hipster immigration into their spaces (oh boy, the hypocrisy, normally I don't like hipsters but this time everyone should cheer for Team Androgynous Leggings. btw, this looks suspiciously like White culture, better invite some tokens along as your group cannot be vibrant without them. Also the article above recommends a Jewish shoe brand from long time Boycott Israel target M&S. Just saying.)

Rodrigo Duterte calls US ambassador a 'homosexual' and 'a son of a bitch' (this guy is gold)


  1. Ah yes remember all the swine flu/blue tongue/skank foot outbreaks in UK farming? All the EU subsidies going to royal farmers? All the set aside? As usual UK is always miles ahead of implementing repressive antiabo Malthusian bollox. UK is finally going to complete Capability Brown's mission. From Dover to Cape Wrath it will be one great big faith based pastoral idle idile now those annoying native industrialists have been exterminated. BWAHAHAHHAAAAA

    1. This is one thing I don't understand Incoming. The triple parentheses tribe, they may be malicious but what they do makes sense from a biological perspective. However the WASP part of globalism makes zero sense to me at all, unlike the donkey dick candle arches they are prepared to sell out 90+ percent of their own people. There's no Israel for English people.

      Middle of the road, even rich WASPs aren't all motivated by religious dedication to world government; probably most are motivated by (hbd) NW-Euro individual/familial supremacism rather than tribalism/populism but I bet most lament the ending of white (especially anglo, in their case) nations.

      Surely there has to be a schism in the WASP establishment at some point, and is this what we are witnessing with Trump and Brexit? By chance I listened to Alex Jones yesterday and he said, "it's not like MI6 are perfect, but they're telling us who the enemy is" to qualify his commentary on the villian of 007 movie Quantum resembling George Soros. Something I never expected to hear from him haha.

      Another question - do we want reconciliation with the WASP establishment? Can we forgive Amanda Knox and Blythe Masters? Is this what the French and Germans historically felt, asking whose side is perfidious Albion really on?

    2. It is a conundrum alrighty but the WASP is several orders of magnitude younger than the source code. The thing to always remember when dealing with money, numbers and gold is that the retards always win in the long run. Smarts is suicide. I always chuckle when I consider that Africa must have been like WASPs way back when Adam's calendar was built and then got stupified when the mind disease turned up with its unfit for Darwinian survivalstylee genetic thickery. Lamarck can explain the phenomemon over millenia far more accurately; that is where McDonald goes wrong.