Monday, 29 August 2016

British woman commits suicide rather than be called racist

A talented teenage gymnast committed suicide after becoming concerned she would be branded "racist" after taking a joke photograph and sharing it with friends, an inquest heard.

Phoebe Connop, 16, uploaded an edited picture of herself where her skin tone had been darkened and she was wearing a scarf wrapped around her head to a private Instagram message, which she shared with friends.

Miss Connop, who had been speaking regularly to an Asian male, told the group it was what she would have to look like to get approval from her "boyfriend's" parents.

The image was shared beyond the private group and Miss Connop feared their would be a backlash, the inquest heard. She died on July 7 after committing suicide at her family home.

Black Country Coroners Court heard on the day of her death Miss Connop had been working with her father Laurence, 53, to get some money for her summer holidays on July 7 this year.

Mr Connop described his daughter as a "lovely girl who would never want to cause offence to anyone".

"She had shown me no indication in the weeks leading up to her death that there was anything wrong, let alone anything that would lead her to do this," he said.
What bothers me about this is not the fact that social media is bad for your mental health, or that white people are fools for allowing themselves to be ridiculously cowed by the invented idea of racism, or the miscegenation. It's what this woman's behaviour and concerns tell us about the state of the world at present.

Biologically, women always look to maintain social harmony and avoid upsetting whoever they feel is in power at a given time. Granted, this is the Islamic republic of Birmingham, and her father is a stupid libtard who probably can't even see his part in this tragedy. But still, she shows quivering concern (women are attracted to power, as well as fearing those who wield it) for the 'Asian', read Muslim, community...over a picture. There is no indication she ever worried about what the English community would think of her mudsharking! Think about it.

It's a sad commentary on women, that if white men were half as violent as 'asians', perhaps this mad female behaviour would never have happened. This is how nations die.

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