Monday, 3 April 2017

Saudi General gives finger to protesters attempting citizen’s arrest over Yemen atrocities

Leftists are alright when they attack the right things.

Of course, I don't represent the British establishment. But can anyone explain why the Saudis are an ally of the UK? I'm not even saying 'we' shouldn't have allies in the Islamic world, but if there are benefits of that, why not ally with the more reasonable countries like Iran or Syria? Instead, Western countries are tied to the worst expressions of Islam, and the (((Saudis))) are the worst of the worst.

a parody of a British govt ad campaign
The reality is that the rulers of America, Israel, the EU and Britain have all encouraged and supported Islamic forces since the 80s. Saudis to fight other (less controllable) Islamic factions in the sandbox, Chechens and Mujahadeen to fight Russia, and probably Uyghurs to subvert China.

Lucky us, previous generations of Europeans had no idea what these subversive forces wrought in faraway lands. Thanks to the joy of open borders, we are beginning to get a first hand experience.

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