Friday, 14 April 2017

Decent article on the shenanigans in Trump's administration

if only it was this simple
nb - the left wing of the establishment are very effective (and dirty) political operators. They identified Flynn, Sessions and Bannon as their targets, and seem on course to get 2 out of 3. As per Vox Day's thinking, this is why the rise of the alt-right is inevitable as it's the only group prepared to retaliate in the sphere of Rules for Radicals politics.

Identity politics can only be countered with identity politics for the same reason that a knife cannot be used in a gunfight.
‘Globalist Gary’ Rising as Bannon Takes Heat

A liberal Democrat who wants to impose a carbon tax on the United States is newly ascendant in the struggle for White House influence after President Trump publicly diminished his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, in a brief Tuesday interview with the New York Post.

Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, is best positioned to rise, if a high-level shake-up were to happen, a source close to several senior White House officials and familiar with the internal jockeying told LifeZette.

Cohn is a still a registered Democrat and a former president of Goldman Sachs. Cohn’s ideology, critics contend, runs counter to the platform that carried Trump to victory in November. Many Trump loyalists are puzzled as to why Trump appears to be eyeing him for a larger role.

Already, Cohn has floated new banking regulations and has invited advocates of a carbon tax to the White House. It’s one reason the source close to several key figures in the White House told LifeZette that Cohn critics refer to him as “globalist Gary.”

Indeed, Cohn’s influence already seems reminiscent of the rise of Dick Darman in the administration of President George H. W. Bush. Darman convinced Bush to abandon his “no new taxes” pledge of the 1988 campaign, leading Bush to defeat in 1992.

But there is another reason for Cohn’s rise beyond the shrinking influence of the populist faction within Trump’s White House: Trump shuffles through people, and right now, Cohn is the new face.

“Trump loves the shiny new object, whether it’s a thing or a person,” tweeted Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter who Trump often appears eager to please. “Right now that shiny new object is Cohn.”

Bannon is not on the firing line for an immediate ejection from his post, the source believes, but Trump does appear to be re-establishing his dominance in the White House, signaling to the media that Trump alone sets the agenda. Trump was reportedly upset with media stories — many of them dubious — that Bannon is the puppet master behind the throne.

In truth, Trump is managing several factions. A source close to Bannon said there are three or four factions. One is the populist, anti-globalist wing that Bannon represents. Senior adviser Stephen Miller is also part of this faction, which helped elect Trump as no other faction did.

There's the traditional Republican faction, represented by Reince Priebus, the chief of staff and former Republican National Committee chair. Priebus is seen as having fumbled a number of issues, and is also seen as allowing too much infighting.

"Reince is incompetent, and that invites challenge," the source said.

Then there's the Cohn faction. It includes adviser Dina Powell. The Cohn faction doesn't like Trump's focus on bashing free trade and wants to appease Democrats on the environment.
I've started following that site, simply because of the editor.

On BBC last night some filthy witch reporter was smirking that Trump's supporters were "stuck with Globalist Trump". lol, a Pyrrhic victory for the deep state...not as though the fundamentals that led people to support Trump, Brexit, Wilders, Le Pen etc have changed. If the Elysium crowd are determined to follow Marie Antoinette's example, then so be it. No reforms, just straight over the cliff. Greedy fools.

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